6 Benefits of Home Landscaping You Don’t Want to Miss
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6 Benefits of Home Landscaping You Don’t Want to Miss

When you talk about landscaping, what comes into most people’s minds is the tickling grasses, delighting and sweet-smelling perfumes from the shrubs, and the vibrant and bold colors of flowers. However, a well-planned landscape has several benefits to both humans and the environment.


Again, nothing matches the rejuvenating and relaxing effects of the outdoor sunshine, sweet fragrances, green grass, and pretty flowers. The benefits are enough motivation to achieve it beyond obstacles, whether it’s landscaping your sloped backyard, enduring the costs, or dealing with strict timescales. Here are some reasons every homeowner, residential or commercial, should consider incorporating grass and trees in their landscapes.

1.    Trees and Grass Cool the Temperature

If you love spending time outside, the chances are that you enjoy the cool temperature and sweet breeze that sweep your face in nature. That’s the beauty of having green plants around your home. They make the environment cooler compared to bare soil, cement, or asphalt floors.

Similarly, having tall trees on the west and south sides of your building offers perfect shade when the temperatures go higher during the day and can reduce the attic hotness by 40 degrees. Likewise, they minimize window glares.

2.    Landscapes Filter Water and Air

Green vegetation work hard daily to capture smoke and dust particles, eliminate carbon dioxide, and produce precious oxygen. Thus, ensuring that you breathe fresh air daily.

According to studies, a single tree can eliminate up to 26 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. That’s the same as canceling the emissions of a car driving 11000 miles. Similarly, a single tree can supply oxygen that’s sufficient for four people daily.

Again, lush landscapes operate as stormwater runoff shields, decreasing the flow of pollutants and sediments to water bodies. Woody plants along riverbanks and shorelines also help in plummeting erosion and flooding downstream.

6 Benefits of Home Landscaping You Don’t Want to Miss

3.    Landscapes Improve Quality of Life in Cities

A well-landscaped neighborhood comes with several psychological and physical benefits. For instance, the green plants filter air, hence regulating the population that comes from the numerous emitters in towns. Similarly, studies indicate that neighborhoods with green spaces report minimal health care costs and lower stress levels.

4.    Noise Minimization

Do you live by the roadside or in a busy neighborhood? Your home doesn’t have to mimic the outside environment, especially if you have ample space for shrubs and other vegetation in your yard. Research indicates that trees can minimize the noise levels by 20 to 30% compared to other surfaces like pavement and concrete.

5.    Health Benefits of Landscaping

The cost of landscaping your sloped backyard may be high, but it doesn’t measure up to the health benefits of having green vegetation around your home. For instance, Marc Berman of the University of Michigan conducted a study that reported that walking in a natural environment full of trees and plants improves attention and memory even in the city space.

Similarly, Harvard Health Publications reported that children who have ADHD have better focus after coming from outdoors. Again, looking at trees and plants, even though the window has proven to lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure, workers in an environment with plants are often more productive and have a better cognitive function.

6.    Economic Benefits of Landscaping

A well-landscaped home is an excellent investment if you’re planning to sell your home later. According to Appraisal Institute estimates, a well-landscaped home attracts approximately 6 to 13% more value than the same home with no landscape.

Similarly, Cornell University’s study indicates that landscaping can help homeowners reduce heating and air-conditioning energy consumptions by between 10% and 30%. Again, some plants, especially those that trace their origins from Georgia, require less water, hence cutting down on your running bills.

Green vegetation comes with a lot of benefits for you, your home, and the environment. Choosing the right colors and flower arrangement is also one of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal and give it lasting beauty.

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