How Self-Published Authors Can Create Amazing Book Promotion Ideas

How Self-Published Authors Can Create Amazing Book Promotion Ideas

Authored by Athena Nagel

Finding it tough to come up with promotional ideas for your book? Then read on to find out everything about book promotion.

Writing is a hobby for many of us, a passion for others, and for some, it’s their profession. No matter the reason why we write, we can agree that writing helps us to express ourselves and to connect with others easily. For most of the writers out there, it is the best way for them to communicate.

However, if you only write because it is something you love to do, then you don’t have to worry about marketing your book. But if you wish to get your book published then marketing is something you need to know about. Because if you want your books to be read by your target audience then good writing won’t be enough by itself to be successful. You’ll also need to learn the additional skill of how to market your books. If you want to do effective book marketing then you need to be clear about goals from the offset. This can be achieved if you have a vivid idea about book marketing.

Don’t get alarmed or worried by the term ‘marketing’. It is not as complicated as the corporate type of marketing. It is just like communicating to your audience but at a broader scale. However, it will require a lot of work to do that communication, but don’t worry because I’m here to help you out.

In this article, I have tried to make a complete list of all the amazing book promotion ideas. So, to find out all about those ideas scroll down till the end of this article.

Build a Blog or Website

By having a blog or website you can get your potential readers to get a sneak-peak into your work. You can do so by posting articles regularly on your website that will pop up in the search results of your target audience. For example, if you’re planning to write a book on emotional well-being, then you should cover the latest scientific developments which have been made in that field and then intersperse those with your insights from the book. Or, if you’re planning to write a fictional book, then you should review all the popular books and characters of this genre and write about them on your website.

As you approach the launch date of your book, you should create a buzz around your book by arranging contests on your website or doing book giveaways. Moreover, you can post high-quality content that will attract your audience to subscribe to your website for updates. It would be ideal for your book if the website has a positive lead time about a year before the launch date of your book. This will give you the perfect amount of time to build a fan base and you’ll be able to build a substantial mailing list.

Try to Increase Your Online Presence

One of the most essential things you need to do to catch your reader’s attention is to increase your online presence. There are various ways in which your online presence can be increased, apart from having a blog or website. For example, you can write articles on popular topics on a website that receives a lot of traffic. There are also other ways like you can contribute on forums that cover topics that are related to your book. You could also request a website or blog, that’s popular among your target audience, to interview you.

Use Social Media Frequently

Create an author page on each of the major social media sites, including Facebook,  Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Following that, you should carefully monitor which posts and promos get the most likes, retweets or even shares, and then apply your findings to your social media accounts to grow your follower and engage with the target audience more effectively.

Get As Many Book Reviews As You Can For Your Book

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get a review for your book is to get in touch with one of the reviewers who reviewed one of your previous books and approach them with a free copy. However, if you have just completed writing your first book and want to have it reviewed, you should research Amazon’s top reviewers and compile a list of individuals who have previously reviewed books in your book’s category.

Moreover, you should remember one thing, make sure that you contact three to four times as many reviewers as the number of reviews you were aiming for. This is because you’re most likely to get rejected by the majority of them. Also, make sure to follow up at least once after one to two weeks of contacting them.

You could also approach popular and influential people in your field and genre like book bloggers, popular authors, and newspapers for reviews in the editorial section.

Invest in a Professional Cover Design Service

We all know that for many of us, the first impression is the last. When it comes to books the first impression is created by the cover of the book. So the cover has to be appealing to the eye of your audience.

Ask yourself, ‘Would you give a second glance to a book whose cover is busy, boring, or filled with jarring typefaces and colors? If it just looks straight-up unpolished and unprofessional I bet you wouldn`t. So, a well-designed cover can prove to be essential in a book`s stability. So it will be better for your book if you use a professional book cover design service to design your book’s cover.

Lastly, I would say writing a book can be quite a marathon, and if you decide to publish a book on your own, that marathon becomes much longer. Also, when it comes to the promotion of your book a lot of confusion can arise. But I hope this article has cleared up all your confusion regarding book promotion and will help you to get your book to your targeted audience. All the best for your journey of words.


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