Different Types of Virtual Foodie Events That You Won’t Want to Miss

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on almost every industry in the world, and one of the biggest changes lots of us had to make was moving from physical events to digital ones. Famous festivals and expos were moved online, pub quizzes were held over Zoom, and even family events turned digital. While restrictions are happily lifting in many places now, the trend for online events isn’t necessarily over. Holding an event virtually has many advantages, including widening access to many more people and lowering costs. This is true of foodie events as much as any other industry. So, if you’ve been considering trying out a digital food experience, here are four different types to choose from:

1. Cooking classes

For people who enjoy a practical and hands-on experience where you can learn a new skill as well as have fun, an online cooking class is a great choice. There are so many varieties out there, each aimed at different skill levels, budgets, and of course, food preferences. Some will send you the ingredients in advance as part of the package, whereas others will give you a list of items to get on your next grocery shop. You could learn how to make your own cheese, try your hand at fancy cake decorating, or finally give in to peer pressure and discover how to bake sourdough!

2. Tasting events

If you are more interested in the eating of food than the making of it, a tasting event will be right up your street. You get to try lots of different varieties of your chosen type of food or drink while simultaneously learning more about it from an expert teacher. The way these events normally work is that the company will send you all the samples that you’ll be tasting in advance, then you’ll log onto a Zoom call at a given time to meet your host. From virtual chocolate tasting to wine and cheese events, there’s something to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

3. Cultural experiences

Food is a huge part of many cultures, so attending a digital event that combines the two is extra special – and helps to satisfy your wanderlust until international travel is possible again! You could find yourself learning how to make authentic handmade pasta from a grandmother in Italy, attending a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or touring a food market in Taiwan. The options are truly endless. This is a fantastic way to discover more about not only the particular type of food or drink but also the history and culture surrounding it.

4. Food festivals

It’s also possible to attend larger events virtually these days, and food festivals are no exception. Simply log on from home, and you can participate in everything from cooking demonstrations and tutorials to informative talks and panel discussions. The only thing that’s missing is the free samples! Many also have entertainment such as comedy or live music, as well as virtual markets where you can purchase products – perfect if you’d rather avoid the crowds.

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