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Ambulance Companies Need to Work More Like Hospitals


Ambulance companies play an important role in emergency medicine. In fact, they are indispensable. Whether you are experiencing a routine appointment or a major life-threatening emergency, the help of an ambulance service can make the difference between your being given proper medical care and doing damage instead. Ambulance companies not only save lives but also provide much-needed support during an emergency. The following article will look at how to determine the need for an ambulance company and get started in an ambulance company.

Starting an Ambulance Company

The American Association of Ambulance Companies (AAAC) has put together a series of articles on starting an ambulance company. The article identifies the 2021 Great Recession as the culprit, particularly when investment companies purchase many ambulance services.

2021 has brought about many changes in every industry and ambulance companies are no different. Maxim Gorin offers services specifically for ambulance companies including negotiation strategies, billing, and market strategy.  These are all critical to ambulance company success especially with economic changes brought on by the pandemic.

According to an AAAC analysis, ambulance companies in rural America experienced a drop in revenue during the Great Recession. The ambulance service revenue dropped by twenty-five percent, or one hundred and forty million dollars. This was the third-largest decline out of twenty medical transportation industries. The number of ambulance transports in rural America has also dropped by fifteen percent or thirty-seven million miles.

Ambulance Company Trends

Most ambulance companies are seeing a significant increase in urban and suburban clients. Urban ambulance companies are doing so well due to increased traffic and higher revenues. As mentioned earlier, most ambulance services are seeing an increase in ambulance traffic. However, these increases mean that service fees, which keep many ambulance companies afloat, are also rising.

In response to these recent changes, the American Ambulance Association urges hospitals to work with an ambulance association. The association has formed a committee to study the role hospitals play in the ambulance industry. The committee is charged with examining ambulance services in non-urban areas and how those services could be improved. The committee specifically looked at the role that hospitals play in transporting patients outside of urban areas.

There is room and need for growth in the area of patient transfer from non-urban to urban areas. The need for increased patient transfer is not just an issue for health care administrators; it is becoming an increasingly important issue for paramedic recruiters and paramedics. In addition to studying the transportation of patients outside of cities, the ambulance association looked at the role hospitals play in transporting patients who have already been diagnosed with a medical emergency. They recommended that all hospitals start tracking patient flow statistics to determine if there is a problem.

Urban Trends

Ambulance officers are generally very busy, especially in big cities. Since ambulances cannot make regular pickups and deliveries unless covered with vehicle wrap insurance, they must take a risk by leaving patients unattended while transporting them to the hospital. Hospitals are not likely to request extra help for non-urgent emergencies, but they need nurses and doctors available for non-life-threatening emergencies. It is the job of these health care providers to ensure that these patients are well taken care of even when they are already in the hospital. To do this, developing uniform guidelines for ambulance services and private ambulances to follow are vital.

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