Is Blogging and SEO Necessary?

Blogging Popularity

Blogging is fast becoming one of the most popular types of content publishing online. In the last five years alone, more people have become bloggers than in the preceding decades. When search engine algorithms are constantly changing and being refined, it is not surprising that blogging has expanded, making SEO functionality vital to success.

Upcoming Blogging Changes

So what changes can we expect in the future to better accommodate the needs of our readership? Experts speculate that the next few years will see more blogging in these niches:

  • Personal lifestyle topics
  • Health and medicine
  • Weight loss and stress management
  • Home decorating tips and decorating ideas
  • Relationships and hobbies

In the next few years, blogging changes may also impact existing blogs by drawing in more readers who then share information with their social network.

Blogging “Before”

A decade ago, if we look back in time, a typical blogger will publish an occasional informative post or two, with very few exceptions. A few readers would peruse the blog and read the posts, but for the most part, they would not actively engage with the blog in any way.

As the popularity of blogging began to grow, more authors were writing individual blogs. Each focused on a topic relevant to their niche. Bloggers would then publish their posts into a central content pool, which was then syndicated online by RSS feeds. The creation and distribution of content to readers were one of the primary networking methods of each blogger.

Blogging Now

As blogging became more popular, the idea of blogging platforms was born to give readers a place to “vote” on the content they wanted to be added to the blogging platform and thus contribute to the “quality” of blogging. Blogging was no longer about being “one of the people” but rather creating and updating content that would reach readers on time.

Blogging and SEO

The real world isn’t all about search engine optimization (SEO) and blogging. In fact, those two concepts are not mutually exclusive. A healthy balance of both SEO and blogging can generate alternate revenue streams while still maintaining the status quo of a blog as a necessary component of blogging.

Blogging is simply the promotion of ideas and content through a process of popular communication online. Blogs were not created to promote the search engine ranking and visibility of websites. Blogs started as personal journaling projects, sharing intimate details with friends, and posting what was basically a “how-to” type of tutorial. The goal of blogging was always to share intimate details of life with others, focusing on imparting knowledge rather than earning a buck. An excellent way to improve SEO is through Gastbeitrag veröffentlichen.

Blogging Goals Now

Blogging is a fantastic way to earn money online; however, most folks who set out to have a regular money-making blog fail. One of the biggest challenges for most bloggers is their lack of a clear-cut list of blogging goals to construct their blog around. If you ask someone who is already making money online to give you some “blog goal,” it’s probably not going to be very much more than a vague “make a certain amount of money each month.” Unfortunately, this is not what every blogger wants. But there are blogging goals that you should form your blog around if you want to make serious money blogging.

Blog Calendar

Some blogging goals for you may include but aren’t limited to making at least one new blog post every week, making at least one blog post for each month, and writing at least one blog post every day.


Other blog goals that you may want to set for yourself include creating different social bookmarking accounts for your blog posts and generating revenue from those accounts by providing an affiliate link to your blog posts. You’ll also want to consider whether you want to develop your own products or whether you want to sell affiliate links from third-party websites on your blog. For example, you could sell affiliate links to products such as an eBook or other information product you create yourself or through your affiliate link. Keep an eye on marketing trends to maximize your blogging strategies.


Other blog goals that are not so strictly measurable may include creating content and generating traffic. The idea behind blogging is to provide informative, meaningful information to your readers, and the easiest way to do that is to write about things people would like to read about. That means if you want to learn how to market online, you need to spend time learning how to write and submit articles regularly based on trends in your niche. Once you get a consistent stream of content out there, you can develop a reputation for offering quality information and build a readership of your own. It all starts with the simple act of writing and being successful blogging. You have to adopt this same philosophy of regular writing.

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