Design Ideas for Three Bedroom Floor Plans

A three-bedroom floor plan does not have to be drab or boring. Once you’ve built your new home, renovating it or adding some finishing touches might be a daunting task. Truoba 3 bed house plans are treat to watch.

As a homeowner, you want to use all available space afforded to you while simultaneously creating an ebb and flow to your space that makes sense.

For example, a faux pas that you might not notice in your floor plan is the best place to have a guest bathroom. You might put the guest bathroom next to the kitchen or dining area, which might not be the best placement…if you get my drift.

These little details can make you have to go back to the drawing board after the completion of your home which can be extremely expensive.

Doing research on what you want as well as incorporating some design tips can go a long way to making your home comfortable yet fully functional.

Here are some design tips and tricks you can incorporate into your three-bedroom home to give it some pizazz and style:

  • Picking the Right Floor

Three-bedroom house plans are some of the most popular on the market because of their versatility and flexibility.

With this type of floor plan, you’re probably working with ample space and can work with any floor plan that meets your needs.

Here are some popular plans that you can utilize in your home:

  • T-shape House Plan

This house plan is great if you’re looking for privacy between all three bedrooms.

The rooms would be situated in a T shape with one bedroom being on the right, the other bedroom located on the left, and the last bedroom situated at the bottom of the T-shape.

One of the best things about this house plan is that it gives all occupants privacy with the rooms being quite a distance apart.

  • Double Story House Plan

If you have young kids, you can have a house plan with two stories where all three bedrooms are situated on the top floor.

This plan is ideal because everyone gets privacy while still being in the same space in case of an emergency or accident.

Alternatively, if you have a smaller family, you could have two large bedrooms and a small work area upstairs, and a guest bedroom downstairs.

With either alteration of this floor plan, you still get ample space downstairs for a kitchen, dining, and living room. As a bonus, you could even add a family lounge where you get to socialize with family and friends.

  • Extend the Kitchen Area

If you’re a foodie with a passion for the kitchen, expanding your kitchen can be one of the best things you can do.

A lot of times, floor plans tend to squeeze space out of the kitchen areas and allocate it to other areas like the bedroom or the bathroom.

This can create cramped spaces with only room for one person in the kitchen which doesn’t work for most modern households.

Extending the kitchen space can mean having a snack bar where children can have snacks and be entertained while you’re cooking.

Another idea is to create a large pantry that creates a large utility space as opposed to a cupboard. This also frees the kitchen for hosting and entertainment purposes.

  • Turn a Spare Room into a Dual-Purpose Space

If you’re a small family with two occupied rooms, consider having one of the bedrooms as a multi-purpose space to create function and form.

Most guests don’t stay for more than a weekend, two weeks at most. For this reason, having a guest bedroom that might only be used a couple of times a year is not using the space efficiently.

Transforming the guest bedroom into a pseudo study or work area means that the family has somewhere apart from their bedroom to complete difficult tasks.

A great concept that saves space is to incorporate a working desk together with a built-in wardrobe. It’s a quirky fun saving idea that can be a focal point for the room.

  • Blur Lines Between the Inside and the Outside

If you’d like to create more space in your floor plan while simultaneously building equity, consider blurring lines between the inside space and the outside space.

Not only does it increase home equity but having a large patio with sliding retractable glass doors is in right now!

It’s also an amazing concept to consider if you like entertaining, you can increase the number of friends you can have over.

Additionally, the living room and the patio act as a dual space where people can be lounging outside or sitting inside with no demarcations.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these design tips, three-bedroom floor plans can be a marvel of function and style. Architects at Truoba can help you build your dream home, or you can pick a ready-made floor plan on their website.


2 thoughts on “Design Ideas for Three Bedroom Floor Plans

  1. Emma says:

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  2. James says:

    Lovely design! I was up til the wee hours trying to see how I could make this design fit our family’s needs because I loved it so much. I dreamed pretty big. Lol. THANK YOU for providing the inspiration!!
    We need the open concept for when our 6 children, (two at home still) spouses & grandkids are here, so I pushed kitchen back into the bedroom to make an L-shaped rm, put island in middle of kitchen providing cabinets and seating around it. Put a sliding door off kitchen going out to an open deck that goes across side of house.
    To compensate for losing bdrm, I added a mstr bdrm where your covered deck is that goes across the side of the house.( I have mobility issues so want a large bedroom and seating area.) I put sliding glass/french doors off the bdrm to the back of the house to a private covered deck and put the mstr bath where your exiting closets to your mstr bedroom are and decreased the size of that bedroom. VIP PLUMBING AND WATER HEATERS

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