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America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook

It doesn’t seem to matter how much time I free up – I never seem to have enough.  One of my favorite things to do as a wife and mother are cooking dinners for my family.  Breakfast and lunch aren’t a big deal, but dinner – well, that should be a decent meal.

However, dinners need to be quick, easy to warm up, and preferably even portable between everyone’s work, school, karate, the gym, horses, etc. We frequently need to grab and go. Keeping a cooler in our cars at all times for warm and cold items.

America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook

America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook is the perfect solution.  Real, satisfying meals that are just five ingredients.  I can put them together quickly, and everyone is happy with the result.  This cookbook was just released in August 2021, and it was definitely worth the wait.

I love that many of the recipes are with items I always have on hand in my freezer or pantry.  Gone are the days of resorting to plain ole pasta or tacos when we are running short on time.  Every day is a surprise for my family!

With each recipe, a test cook’s commentary gives an inside peek into the recipe creation process, whether offering a tip for using a high-impact ingredient like red curry paste or oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes (we help you compile a treasure trove of useful flavor bombs) or an imaginative technique (such as mincing carrot tops for a garnish).

Even outside of these recipes, I am looking at ingredients in an entirely different way with much greater creativity.

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  • gloria patterson

    I think they had a tv show years ago and it was always interesting and you learned something. This would be a nice cookbook to have

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