Odear Tennis Racket – Lightweight and Amazing

Tennis is one of my favorite hobbies/sports.  I never played it competitively.  Growing up in a more rural area, we didn’t have access to tennis teams, but that didn’t stop me from spending hours and hours on the recreation department tennis courts. So much so that I think they may have to call the Tennis Court Painting Company for a reapplication.

Back then, my tennis rackets were heavy and clunky.  Hard to even imagine using them these days – in fact, I only recently threw out my tennis racket from 35 years ago! Yes, I had upgraded over the years, but that first racket I purchased from five and dime held so many memories.

Now, I have upgraded to the Odear Tennis Racket!  This racket is a true piece of art!

The size of this racket is perfect, with a 102 square inch head and 27 inches long. Since it is composed of graphite composite, it is light.

The Odear tennis racket comes with its own bag for safekeeping.

The string pattern is 16×19.  These are the perfect rackets for beginner and intermediate tennis players. This frame is sturdy, and the strings are durable for reliable performance.

The grip is comfortable and easy to hold, allowing complete control of the racket while playing.

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Available onAmazon in black, blue, green, pink, red, and yellow!  A color for everyone’s taste.

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