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Make Your Halloween Complete With The Jabberin’ Jack Jack O’ Lantern

Halloween Celebrations is a traditional holiday in the United States celebrated on or around October 31st every year. People all over the United States decorate their homes and other public buildings with Halloween themes such as ghosts, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, and jack-o-lanterns, and other scary decorations. Children join in the fun as well by dressing up in costumes. Sometimes they wear costumes of famous Halloween characters such as witches, ghosts, werewolves, and superheroes.

Trick-or-Treating is one of the oldest forms of Halloween celebrations. In the United States, trick-or-treaters would go door-to-door asking people for candy and other goodies. When they got some treats, they would hide them in different ways such as leaves or rocks, and wait for the unsuspecting victim to walk into the woods and get these treats. Trick-or-treating evolved into an even more elaborate process when communities began using houses as storage places where they stored their Halloween treats.

Another tradition of Halloween celebrations is carving jack-o-lanterns. People would use their propane tanks to heat up small wood pieces and then hammer them hard into the shape of an image representing the devil. Jack-o-lanterns are still a popular symbol of Halloween.

Jabberin’ Jack, Jack O’ Lantern

Jabberin’ Jack is a talking, light-up animated jack o’ lantern pumpkin.  Not only is this jack o’ lantern free from the mess of carving a pumpkin but it is so much fun.  The different animated faces and voices entertain for long periods of time.

Jabberin’ Jack can be used indoors or outdoors.  My husband is going to bring it to school – he is an elementary school principal and the students are going to LOVE it!

There are a full 70 minutes of animations, music, singing, and talking.  The projector and speaker are housed within the pumpkin.

Control Jabberin’ Jack with volume and skip buttons as well as an auto-shut-off feature after two hours.

Be on the lookout for Jabberin’ Jack ($59.99) from Mindscope Products. He’s coming to a porch near you, but be forewarned, the singing, joking, talking holiday décor sold out last year in two quick weeks — way before anyone could say trick or treat. Find one, while they last, online at

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