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If you’re browsing through The Stuff of Success, there’s a good chance you run a business or blog. This is a great site for seeing what’s trending and getting a wealth of ideas.

Digital businesses, whatever their size, don’t have any of the limits of a physical store or service. Even so, spending money on advertising to the wrong people is bad business.

We love website visitors. They make us look good for search engine crawlers. Google crawlers score you high when your website is popular and engaging. Etsy crawlers put you at the top of the list when you’re making lots of sales and getting good feedback. Most Etsy store owners have a backup website to get the best out of both worlds – a clever move on such a hugely competitive platform. But it also means you have to do the marketing legwork for two distinct presences – your website URL and your Etsy storefront.

But how can you get all the visitors you could wish for to land on your website? And how do you get them to stay on it and click on the links to your Etsy store? Or to a sister website or blog? Is there a way to get ahead of the competition?


The Alternative Route Your Competitors Might Not Know About

What about paying for visitors? No. Don’t click the back arrow. Wait. Because some of your competition might carry on reading.

To buy targeted website traffic is a better move than you might think.

When you run a website, you spend time, energy, and probably at least a little money on search engine optimization; maybe you put aside an extra budget for Google AdSense, paid guest posts, email lists, and an online tool or service to help out with the odd campaign. 

Everything you do when you market your website has two goals – more visitors and conversions.

You’re right if you think paying for visitors doesn’t get as many conversions. Expect at least 75% less than what you get with the combination of your other strategies. But that word – combination – as well as numbers makes paid web traffic a pretty good – and very small – investment. Let’s look at the maths.

Paid Web Traffic – Why It Works

How many new visitors do your SEO campaigns get you? For a small site and a small outlay, you might get a few hundred new, interested visitors a month. The greater your outlay, the greater the number of visitors? Not necessarily, but in general, yes.

But how much would it cost you to get 100,000 visitors to land on your website in a month? $3,000? $5,000? More?

What about $400? That’s $0.005 per visitor. 

Your Organic Visitor Turnover

You want 25,000 people to land on your website and set up a campaign. A $2,000 SEO price tag is pretty low for 25,000 new hits. But you get targeted visitors who’ve clicked on your URL on the search engine results pages because your website answers the question they’re asking. And that means you can get them to convert – make a sale, have them sign up for a newsletter, or just click on your website so the Google crawler sees you’re popular and gives you a hike up the results pages. That way, you’re more likely to be seen.

So if your website looks safe, is easy to use, is in the visitor’s language, and is engaging, there’s a greater chance your organic visitors will convert. If your product is what they’re looking for, if you deliver to their area, and if your prices and guarantees are attractive, your conversion rate will be higher. That’s a lot of ifs.

But let’s say you get a 4% conversion rate – a little above average – and every one of those 1,000 conversions makes you a $3 profit. That’s $3,000 in sales, minus $2,000 marketing costs. $1,000 isn’t a bad return for a small business. Well, maybe it is once you’ve paid your annual taxes.

Your Paid Website Traffic Turnover

For about $400, you can get a web traffic provider to direct 100,000 targeted visitors to land on your site. Yes, 100,000. And yes, targeted. The good website traffic providers (and we’ll find out how to know they’re good later) allow you to pick locations, age groups, and interests. 

So if your website looks safe, is easy to use, is in the visitor’s language, and is engaging, there’s a greater chance your paid visitors will convert. If your product is what they’re looking for, if you deliver to their area, and if your prices and guarantees are attractive, your conversion rate will be higher. Again, that’s a lot of ifs. But when you buy human website traffic, you can get them to convert just like you can with organic traffic.

But this is paid traffic, with a lower conversion rate – let’s be very mean and say a 0.5% conversion rate. That’s 500 sales or $1,500. Minus your $400 outlay. That’s more than your organic campaign. Not much, but without any extra effort.

Imagine what you could achieve if you paired paid traffic with a campaign. Will your server bandwidth be able to deal with all those visitors?!

Paid Web Traffic – When It Works

Paid traffic works for thousands of businesses across the world because they know when it works. There are a lot of negative reviews out there because so many people buy web traffic expecting it to do all the work. Remember those ifs? If your website and product aren’t great, a million new visitors a day won’t convert.

Paid website traffic works when you have faith in what you are offering. If you know your product or service is good, then you will convert paid traffic.

Paid traffic works when you want to climb in the search engine results pages. The Google algorithm measures popularity according to a lot of metrics, but the more visitors your site gets, the higher it rises. Paying for a few extra thousand to land on your pages every month is an SEO strategy lots of agencies and marketing departments use. 

Paid traffic works when you use it alongside another campaign. When you’ve done all the hard work to design a new landing page or advertise a special offer, cheap website traffic from a reputable provider can give your campaign an extra boost.

Paid traffic works for brand awareness. When your logo and branding is right, the more people who see it, the better.

Paid traffic works when you select appropriate niches as these bring higher conversion rates. However, paid traffic also works when you want to experiment with new niches. Surprising results can be just around the corner.

Make Sure Your Provider Makes Guarantees

A reputable website traffic provider won’t guarantee conversions – that’s up to you, your website, and your product. The same applies to all your other marketing strategies.

However, a good web traffic provider will guarantee all your paid traffic is human. A handful of providers sully the reputation of the paid traffic sector by sending bots. Only use one that guarantees 100% human traffic.

A good provider will also offer money back if the numbers of visitors you order or your choice of niches don’t arrive on your selected URL. 

And if a web traffic provider promises all of it’s traffic is 100% AdSense safe, beware. It can promise 99% AdSense safe traffic, but a very small percentage will always be turned away. You can always disable AdSense during a paid traffic campaign, then switch it back on again if you want every single visitor to land on your page.

No Other Way To Get So Many Visitors In So Little Time

Paid traffic is immediate, effective, and cheap. And because of this, it is mistrusted or relied upon to bring to life a mediocre business. 

Used right, this is an opportunity to make a huge impact on a huge number of people – the kinds of people your business caters toward.

Try it. See for yourself. And measure the true impact of website traffic for sale on your online business.

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