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9 Effective Tricks To Beat Flight Anxiety

Do your love traveling, but the idea of getting on a plane makes you sweat? Fortunately, you aren’t the only one experiencing the anxiety. As per the research, up to 40% of the general population experiences flight-related anxiety.

Flight anxiety or aviophobia is a fear of flying that prevents a person from stepping onto the aeroplane. It might also cause significant discomfort and nervousness when the person is on the flight. Many people are terrified of flying as they are worried about the worst-case scenarios. The stress and anxiety also come from a fear of heights or being enclosed for too long.

A person experiencing flight anxiety displays irritability, nausea, disorientation, and flushed skin. In some extreme situations, it can lead to panic attacks. Hence, it is essential to identify options to address flight anxiety. Also, you can use your 4 wheel mobility scooter for easy and hassle-free travelling.

If you are also experiencing flight anxiety and are determined to cope with it, here are nine tricks that’ll help you overcome your fear.

1.   Keep Anti-Anxiety Medications on Hand

Medications are the most popular line of defence against flight anxiety. Anti-anxiety medications produce a tranquilizer effect that minimises the mental and physical symptoms associated with flight anxiety. Make sure you visit your doctor well in advance for possible medication options.

There are many medications available to treat anxiety disorders, including naturally-derived products. CBD can alleviate your anxiety and stress and can help you sleep peacefully during a flight. It is a safe, secure, and discreet place to order CBD products online.

2.   Learn Breathing Techniques

Regulating your breathing rate is another great way to beat flight anxiety. During flights, your heart rate increases and the mind gets disillusioned. Tactical breathing helps you combat these symptoms and keeps you focused.

Maintain a relaxed posture and try taking a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out. This will slow your heart rate and promotes a sense of calmness.

3.   Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine Before Flight

Drinking coffee or alcohol before boarding a flight can increase anxiety levels and dehydrate your body. It might lead to nausea and headaches.

Caffeine stimulates cognitive function, making your body more attentive and alert to the surroundings. This behavioural response can keep you awake in flight and make you nervous.

4.   Distract Yourself From Noises

Distraction is a tried and tested way that prevents you from thinking about your fear and anxiety. Identify activities that will immerse your mind profoundly and keep you focused on the task. You can try reading your favourite book, watching a funny movie, or solving puzzles to take your mind off.

As most of the flight-related nervousness comes from the loud noises caused by turbulence, you can listen to soothing music with your headphones. It is an effective way to prevent anxious thoughts.

5.   Talk to the Flight Crew

If you are worried about things getting out of control during flight, try spending a minute or two with your pilot or flight attendant. Since your anxiety is because of the fear of the unknown, meeting your flight crew will reassure you that your safety is on experienced hands.

Flight attendants are trained to create a friendly and warm environment, so sharing your nervousness and thoughts with your flight attendants can keep your anxiety in check.

6.   Find Yourself an Aisle Seat

If the leading cause of your anxiety is the height or being confined to a small place, then your seat selection can help avoid those triggers.

Selecting a comfortable seat is mostly in your control, so that you can request an aisle seat. This way you’ll have more open space to move around and can avoid the windows.

7.   Invest in Regular Flying Classes

If you seek a long-term solution for your flight anxiety, taking a flying lesson is your perfect option. Flight classes make you face your fear and find ways to overcome it.

Flight classes simulate the real-time flight experience, providing a valuable understanding of what to expect during the flight. Regular flying lessons offer you knowledge about the plane and can help in eliminating those fearful thoughts.

8.   Try Visiting a Therapist

Seeking help from a therapist is another long-term and healthy remedy for your fear and anxiety. These mental health professionals use cognitive behavioural therapy and exposure to help you overcome your nervousness.

Professional therapists identify the psychological events that trigger anxiety during the flight and recommend ways to let go of them.

9.   Embrace Positive Thoughts

Try to differentiate between anxiety and danger. Since your body responds similarly to both the citations, sometimes anxiety thoughts can trick you into believing that you are in danger. It might result in restlessness and nervousness.

Keep reminding yourself that these thoughts will pass through and you aren’t in danger. Try to visualise your destination and what you’d do once you reach it. It will make you feel calm and relaxed.


Flight anxiety can often limit your life and career. Fear and anxiety can prevent you from going on work trips or vacations. Even though flying or not flying is your personal preference, fighting the stress will certainly help you enjoy the holiday you deserve.

Try to implement the mentioned techniques and expose yourself to more flight experiences. With time and practice, you’ll be able to enjoy your flight trips without any fear.

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