Essential Climbing Gear For Beginners

Climbing is a great activity that you can do indoors or outdoors for a quick adrenaline rush. It is much easier for beginners to learn climbing indoors than outdoors. There is less at stake when scaling a wall or bouldering indoors because of the safety mats and controlled environment.

No matter where you wish to climb, one needs essential tools and equipment, even as a beginner.

An experienced climber needs many types of equipment, but it is best to invest only in the bare essential gear as a beginner.

Here is a list of different types of equipment a beginner needs, like a harness or climbing gloves.

  • A harness

A harness is an essential item as it helps keep you safe by providing multiple points to tether a climbing rope. You can choose between a variety of materials and padding. Depending on your purpose, you must choose a harness with ample gear loops for hooking different carabiners and quickdraws.

However, for more professional and intricate climbing, such as trad climbing, you might need a much more professional harness with numerous loops to accommodate other gear.

  • Climbing shoes

Choosing climbing shoes mainly depends on the climber’s personal choice, and it will usually take a couple of pairs to figure out what works best for you. Climbing shoes are essential to protect feet from the elements of the rock. In the case of indoor climbing, shoes help to prevent any minor injuries such as cuts.

The shoes help to increase the grip while climbing. These shoes are uncomfortable to wear as they are supposed to be very tight on the feet but if it causes pain or restricts movement, consider a different pair.

Climbing shoes come in two variations; sticky rubber or firm rubber soles. The sticky rubber sole shoes are better suited for indoor climbing than the firm rubber shoes that are better for smearing rocks.

  • Chalk bag

Climbers can use chalk bags to quickly access and apply chalk to their hands. Chalk bags are required unless you are using liquid chalk. It allows the climber to apply a thicker layer of chalk to their hands and forearms to tackle more challenging terrains. There are a variety of bags offered, each with its size, shape, and features.

Choose a chalk bag that fits your purpose and your requirement for chalk. If you use less chalk and scale shorter walls or rocks, opting for a flat chalk bag is a good option.

  • Gloves

Climbing gloves are essential when indulging in rock climbing, ice climbing, or crack climbing. The primary function of such gloves is to protect the hand from friction caused by a rope. Wearing gloves makes climbing with ropes much easier as you do not have to take pauses to relieve your hands from the friction.

It is best to invest in suitable gloves if you often belay your teammates down with a rope. Moreover, gloves help to prevent the formation of calluses on the palm of your hands.

These essential climbing gears are enough to learn your way around a rock or a wall. As your skills refine and you explore other types of climbing only then invest in professional equipment and gears.

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