Buying Complete Health Insurance At Affordable Rates
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Buying Complete Health Insurance At Affordable Rates

Medical expenses are becoming expensive in India today due to inflation and technological advancements. Individuals and families cannot afford them during medical emergencies that will lead to various problems. Therefore, they should consider buying health insurance plans to ensure maximum protection. However, one should buy a comprehensive plan such as Care Plus Complete Health Insurance because it provides wide coverage. A policyholder will get several benefits after buying this insurance that help reduce financial crunches to a large extent. Not only that, but it also helps a lot to claim amounts as soon as possible to ensure peace of mind.

What are the features of complete health insurance?

  1. Floater coverage

Complete health insurance offers floater coverage for spouses, parents, grandparents, and children under a single policy. Moreover, it involves only one premium that will save money to a large extent.

  1. Free annual health check-ups

Having a complete health insurance plan allows policyholders to undergo free health check-ups in listed hospitals for every policy year subject to a maximum of 2 persons under a floater policy.

  1. Various sum insured options

Complete health insurance offered by Care Plus allows new customers to choose the plan with sum insured options of Rs.3 lakhs, Rs.5 lakhs, Rs.7 lakhs, Rs.10 lakhs, and Rs.25 lakhs that cater to their requirements.

  1. Personal accident coverage

Buying comprehensive health insurance allows policyholders to get personal accident coverage. It provides ways to get 100% sum insured amount for accidental death and up to 100 % sum insured for permanent total disabilities caused by injuries.

  1. Daycare expenses

A complete health insurance plan covers daycare expenses for surgeries and procedures that require less than 24 hours of hospitalization. A policyholder can claim expenses quickly which will help reduce the financial burden.

  1. Hospital expenses

Policyholders can get coverage for hospital expenses when they need hospitalization for more than 24 hours. A complete insurance plan provides ways to manage room charges, doctor’s fees, surgeon’s fees, medical bills, etc.

  1. Pre and post hospitalization

Pre and post-hospitalization expenses for policyholders with 30 days and 60 days waiting periods. A comprehensive insurance plan offers coverage for those who want to lower high medical expenses when it comes to hospitalization.

  1. OPD treatments

Not all health insurance plans don’t offer coverage for outpatient department (OPD) treatments. Hence, it is wise to buy a complete insurance plan for OPD treatment coverage that will help reduce expenses significantly.

  1. Coverage for eye and dental treatments

A basic health insurance policy doesn’t provide coverage for eye and dental treatments which results in several problems. At the same time, buying a comprehensive health insurance policy enables a person to get coverage for them with ease.

  1. Coverage for advanced technology treatments

A comprehensive health insurance plan offers coverage for advanced technology medical procedures when a policyholder suffers from cancer, heart disease, etc.

  1. No claim bonus

No claim bonus is available for policyholders after buying a complete health insurance policy. This will help a lot to get additional coverage or a reduction in premium prices during the renewal process.

  1. Inflation shield

Choosing a complete health insurance plan offers an inflation shield for policyholders that gives ways to ensure more protection from rising medical expenses.

  1. Cashless treatment

A comprehensive health insurance plan provides cashless treatment coverage for a policyholder and the company will pay amounts directly to a hospital.

  1. Lifelong renewability

Purchasing a complete health insurance plan offers lifelong renewability with no maximum age restrictions. This, in turn, gives ways to get coverage for a long-time that gives ways to ensure peace of mind.

  1. Coverage for critical illnesses

Selecting comprehensive health insurance offers coverage for major illnesses such as cancer, stroke, liver disease, etc. It enables policyholders to overcome medical expenses for treatments including donor expenses.

Where to buy the best comprehensive insurance plans?

Anyone who wants to purchase the best comprehensive plans should find a reputed insurer in the markets. They should also keep certain things in mind while buying a policy that will help to claim amounts as soon as possible. Not only that, but policyholders can also focus more on their objectives to avoid unwanted problems.

Customers can buy a complete health insurance plan from Care Health Insurance company at affordable rates. The insurer offers both individual and floater policies in the markets that help get high security in life. One can even buy the policy online easily which gives ways to lower medical expenses. Although the tenure is for one year, customers can renew the policy. At the same time, it is important to consider certain factors while purchasing a new insurance plan. Customers can contact the customer support team when they want to know more about the details. The minimum age for buying a complete insurance policy is 18 years for an individual plan and 91 days with at least 1 member of age 36 years or above for a floater plan.



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