6 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Is Happy And Healthy

Taking good care of our pets is a relatively full-time job and dogs need lots of attention and care. These animals are sociable ones and having a pack mentality denied to them can be wholly damaging to their psyche. As well as this, there are lots of ways in which you could be harming your dog’s health from giving them a bad diet to forgetting to keep their fur, claws, and teeth in good condition. We’ve put together this handy list for new and old dog owners alike so that you can be certain your furry friend is getting all of the proper care they deserve.

Give Them Affection
Speaking of being pack animals, dogs aren’t used to being solitary. In fact, many of these animals, especially if left alone from a young age, can develop separation anxiety causing them to cry and bark whenever you leave a room. From being a puppy, make sure they get plenty of attention and mental stimulation to avoid them developing poor mental health conditions. Believe it or not, dogs can get depressed and develop different forms of anxiety. There are plenty of signs to suggest this is a problem with your dog, from tucking their tails and hiding away from people. If a dog is depressed, you may notice that they’re lost its drive and seem disinterested in playing. Try to help them get back on track with lots of fuss and playtimes. You could also speak to your vet for advice on handling these issues as it can be very complex.

Regular Grooming
Dogs, especially those with long coats, can be a nightmare to keep clean and tidy, but this is just something you’ll have to manage as a responsible pet owner. Certain breeds can develop severe problems if you don’t keep up with maintaining their coats. Dogs that have fur that hangs over their eyes, for example, can develop eye infections and it can also be incredibly dangerous if their hair impairs their natural perception. Keep this fur-trimmed to provide them with a better quality of life. When it comes to their claws, many dogs naturally maintain a healthy length as they get worn down when running on harder surfaces. However, if your dog’s claws are getting too long, you can clip them yourself, or ask your vet to do so if you’re anxious about it. Left alone, long claws can be at a higher risk of splitting and breaking which may require veterinary intervention and will be costly, let alone very painful for your pooch.

Good Nutrition
Making sure you’re feeding your dog the right nutrients is very important and is a great way of keeping them healthy and full of energy. It can be tempting to choose the cheaper, easier options because after all, dogs will pretty much eat anything. However, this isn’t a fair mindset to have and as a responsible dog owner, you should be making sure they’re eating as healthily as possible. If you are going to stick to store-bought kibbles, makes sure you consider adding some healthier options on top of this such as organic dog supplements like those from Native Pet. They have a wide range of healthy additions to your dog’s food from supplements to help joint health to settle sensitive stomachs.

Vet Checkups
Just like people should see their doctors often, it’s important to get your loyal pet checked out by a vet regularly. This could be in the form of an annual visit so your vet can search for any telltale signs of serious illness or things that may need basic treatment to improve their health. As well as treating your animals, a vet is the best person for you to get care advice from and will have a good understanding of what your dog needs specifically.

Socializing Sessions
While most dogs tend to be friendly and fun to be around, there are some, depending on their upbringing and a number of other factors, that aren’t as friendly. This is often due to mistreatment in their lives, especially if they’re a rescue dog, and can lead to some unpleasant personality traits. While this isn’t the fault of the dog, it’s important to try to train these negative traits out of them via socializing with humans and other animals. Dog training classes are a great way of doing this, and it may even be worth considering hiring a dog trainer if you have concerns about their aggression.

Plenty Of Exercise
Everybody knows that dogs need to go for walks. But do you know exactly how much exercise your dog needs? Well, every dog is different, and this is wholly dependent on their size and metabolism in terms of keeping them fit and healthy. However, not only does exercise help your pup’s physical wellbeing, but it also helps to maintain their mental health too. Most dogs love the outdoors with plenty of space to run around at full speed. It’s important to find some balance here though as you can give them too much exercise and risk them injuring themselves like pulling a muscle.



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