Essentials to Creating a Finder Rig for Surf Fishing

Authored by Athena Nagel

There are specific considerations when rigging a fishing rod for inshore surf fishing. You need the right components to make sure it is neither too heavy nor too light.  An electric reel like shimano beastmaster 9000 will make it convenient for you. A fish finder rig surf fishing is one of the most straightforward devices you can learn to tie to take your surf fishing experience to the next level.

In addition, the rig offers excellent mobility, presenting the bait to the fish in its most natural form. These features of the rig can significantly improve the catch rate of your fishing session.

Different Components of a Fish Finder Rig

The basic components of a fish finder rig for surf fishing are:


When it comes to hooks, the circle hook is the best choice for the finder rig. According to a study, the circle hook performs better in terms of hooking, catch composition, and quality. Fishes are more likely to catch on to the hook but not get gutted in the process. If you want to release the fish, you can do so later on, as it will be difficult for them to swallow the hook.


A longer leader will give you more freedom over the bait movement. But if the current is too strong, the bait might get pulled away from the feeding area. The ideal length of the leader should be in the range of 2 to 3ft. Also, ensure the leader has at least 40lb test strength to avoid getting ripped off by fish with sharp teeth.


The primary function of the bead is to ensure that the sinker slider and barrel swivel do not come in contact with one another.

 Sinker Slider

A sinker slider is a universal tool that can support different weight types and works well with other rigs. This component makes a fish finder rig fishing effective as it allows the bait to move freely underwater.

Invest in a high-quality sinker slider as the price does not differ much among brands, but the quality can sure affect the rig’s performance.


A pyramid sinker is a good choice when it comes to finder rigs. The pyramid has the ability to bounce around the seabed, which creates the ‘puff’ of sand effect. If you are surf fishing in a shallow area with a low current, a 3oz sinker might be sufficient, but if the current is strong, you may need a 6oz sinker to keep the rig stable and only move when you want it to move.

How to Create a Fish Finder Rig?

You can easily make up your own fish rig by following the below steps:

  • Attach the circle hook to the snap end of the leader
  • Pass the mainline through the sinker slider and bead
  • Use a clinch knot to tie to the mainline and the other end of the leader
  • Lastly, attach the sinker and the sinker slider

If you are a beginner, a fish finder rig for surf fishing is the most straightforward tool you can start with. You can purchase the components such as hooks, leaders, and sinkers and adjust them according to where you are fishing and what fish species you hope to catch.

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