Is it Worth Hiring Car Accident Attorneys in Raleigh, NC?

Car Accident Attorney
Authored By Athena Nagel

Among the most popular cities in North Carolina, Raleigh is the second-most populous city in the state. Invariably, the more people and vehicles on the road, the higher will be the chances of accidents. A Raleigh car accident lawyer can come in extremely handy in cases of motor vehicle collisions. Accident attorneys have immense expertise and skill in this area, ensuring victims of car crashes and other traffic collisions get rightful compensation.

But the question asked by most folks that:

Is it worth hiring an accident lawyer even for a minor crash?

The answer is a resounding yes, simply for the fact that collisions – large or small – are complicated to deal with on one’s own. A Raleigh lawyer with experience in this field knows how to hold up arguments in court, speak to the opposing party, and negotiate fair settlements.

Since North Carolina occupies fifth place in the US for the most car accidents in 2019, it is best not to risk representing yourself in court. That’s because people sometimes can lose their lives or become grievously injured, even in minor accidents. In the particular year itself, over thirteen hundred people died in 1,284 motor vehicle accidents.

Statistically speaking, motor vehicle crashes occur in the city even during broad daylight and clear weather.

Below are some important points that explain why hiring an accident attorney in Raleigh is a wise decision.

car accident attorneys

Accident lawyers have in-depth knowledge of local laws

Most Raleigh residents are unaware that it is illegal to leave vehicles running unattended in North Carolina. Moreover, you can be charged with reckless driving for merely driving over the speed of eighty. Also, licenses can be revoked for at least thirty days if you go over the speed limit.

A Raleigh car accident lawyer already knows these critical traffic laws and various other regulations well. This knowledge is a vital part of their profession, enabling them to find the actual cause of a collision and ensuring victims receive just compensation.

That’s why Raleigh residents aren’t advised to represent themselves in car accident cases, as they may not have the legal expertise to do so.

They go the extra mile

The common causes of accidents in Raleigh and other North Carolina cities are speeding, reckless driving, drunk or distracted driving, and aggressive driving. When you hire car accident lawyers in Raleigh, they get qualified investigators to conduct an independent investigation into the collision to determine which of the above reasons is responsible for the crash.

Based on what they find, the lawyers will outline a case on behalf of the victim. They will contact the car insurance company, the party responsible for the crash, the police authorities, and even represent victims in court. They will ensure victims receive full compensation, covering their medical bills, loss of income, and other damages.

Chances of getting a settlement are higher

Accident attorneys in Raleigh will not charge fees unless they win the case for their clients. Typically, they charge around twenty-five to thirty percent of the compensation amount. Of course, this estimate may increase if the compensation claim case is a highly complex one. But this is a small price for their efforts, as the chances of motor vehicle collision victims getting compensation are higher when represented by professional lawyers.



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