Do I Have To Tell My Insurance If I Scrap My Car?

Do I Have To Tell My Insurance If I Scrap My Car?

If it is your first experience of scrapping a car – things can really be a bit confusing. You have to contact the right company and check out the quotations for a good value on your vehicle but the process also involves a certain amount of paperwork regarding informing the Department of motor vehicles and your car insurance company.

But all things can be easily simplified you have hired the right car scrappers and recyclers as they will be guiding you through the entire process and also take care of all legal formalities, documentation, and paperwork.

When it comes to scrapping your vehicle with any reputed and reliable Car Removal Sydney service finding a company that you can trust is not a difficult proposition for they are known to be doing their business above the table and there is no chance of any legal situation arising from the deal.

The Insurance

This is one major factor about which most car owners are not sure about what to do for they don’t fully understand the insurance implications. There are questions that are required to be answered like – until when the owner is responsible for the vehicle when the responsibility does passes on to the scrapping company or what is the necessary paperwork and when should they be done? Here are a few questions that you need to find answers to first before you scrap your used vehicle and we do also have the answers for you.

Do I Have To Tell My Insurance If I Scrap My Car?

  • Do you need to cancel the insurance: Well, the right answer to this question is, it actually depends upon the situation. You can always consider it safer to contact your insurance company before you actually scrap your car and it is taken to the junkyard.There may be two possible situations that you should be aware of
  • Car is parked on road: Even if the car is not driveable anymore if you have it parked on a road, you need to have insurance for it. It falls within your responsibility until it is taken over and towed away by the scrap company.
  • Car is parked inside your premises: In this case, you are under no legal obligation for having insurance. There is no need to bother about anything like whether it is still driveable or not, you have parked it in the driveway or in the garage as none makes any difference.
  • Inform the DVLA: Though it is not directly related to car insurance policies, you should inform the DVLA that your car is off-road and in no more use.
  • Will it cause trouble if you don’t notify? Technically you are not required to inform your insurance company about the scrapping immediately. But it will also mean that you will be paying insurance money for a vehicle that you no longer drive and maybe which doesn’t even exist anymore. It is best that you notify your insurer in advance and do all the necessary paperwork.

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When it comes to Cash for Cars Sydney you must scrap your vehicle through an authorised treatment facility only and their experts will always guide you through the entire process.

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