5 Steps to Take When You’ve Suffered from a Slip and Fall Accident

Authored by Athena Nagel

A slip and fall accident may cause mild, severe, or permanent damage to the victim. In some extreme cases, the accident can even lead to death. But did you know that if you encounter a slip and fall accident in another person’s house or place of work, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the injuries incurred?

A Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer can help you face this situation with confidence. So, if you are in a slip and fall accident, there are five crucial steps you must follow. Read below:

Step 1: Get Medical Assistance Immediately

Your well-being should be your top priority. If you have slipped and fallen, call your doctor immediately. Do not dismiss the accident as a minor one. It is always recommended to seek medical assistance and have a complete evaluation of your health to detect any underlying injuries. Collect all medical records of the treatment. These records will serve as a vital source of evidence when you choose to seek compensation.

Step 2: Report the Accident to the Concerned Person

Irrespective of the place of the accident, report the case to the concerned person (landowner or property manager). Do not make accusations or argue with the concerned person. Instead, recall the details of the accident and ask for a written incident report. Make sure you have a copy of the same. A police officer who records the accident compiles information. Your personal injury lawyer can use the report later to prove negligence and liability.

5 Steps to Take When You've Suffered from a Slip and Fall Accident

Step 3: Gather Important Pieces of Evidence

Record information about the accident and document the essential details. Click pictures of the location of the accident. Collect the contact details of other people who witnessed the accident. Look for the surveillance cameras that may have captured your accident. You can make a note of your clothes and shoes as they are potential proofs in the case. Attach all your medical records, evidence of loss of wages due to the accident, etc., along with the documents detailing your accident.

Step 4: Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer helps you to recognize your rights. It is not essential to discuss the accident with multiple sources. Instead, find a reliable Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer and increase your chances of winning the case. Generally, the property owners try to deflect blame or negate the severity of your injuries. Sometimes, they may try to prove that you are the one at fault. A personal injury attorney can help you to get past these accusations and to get the proper compensation.

Step 5: Stay Calm

While the Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer is handling the legal aspects of the case, you must refrain from unwarranted communication with the property owner. Do not discuss case details with the property manager or owner. No statements related to the case should be issued. Also, refrain from discussing the case with the insurance company. Always talk to your injury lawyer before you choose your next course of action.

So, these were the crucial 5 steps that you must take if you suffered a slip and fall accident.

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