A Split Second Took Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Out

A Split Second Took Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Out

In the 36th America’s cup, the Italian team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was put out of the championship race due to the wrong call at a split second. In race 9, they were put out of the championship race and all that played a major role in it was the split of a second where they went for a wrong decision. Till then the races were running in a very competitive way. The scoreline was 5-3 and there was still hope for the Italian team to level the score and get the advantage of it.

Team New Zealand

Despite having a burning speed of nearly 100 kmps, Team New Zealand had to face defeat in 3 of the races. This 9th race was very crucial as if Team New Zealand would win the race, then they would be the champions, on the other hand, if Luna Rossa’s victory would keep the competition alive for them. In such a critical situation, Francesco Bruni’s pivotal movement of the boat put them out of the race and they lost the 9th race. This led Team New Zealand to have a 6-3 unbeatable lead over Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.

The starting of the race didn’t show the end results as Luna Rossa was in a very good position to win the race. They had a picture-perfect start by Jimmy Spithill and they showed a strong character and enough strength to secure a good place in the race. In the first race, Luna Rossa flicked the Kiwi team out of their step in the route to winning the race. But Team New Zealand is not among those teams who are going to tolerate the defeat in an easy manner. They came back strongly and fought heavily to win the second race. They had a very fast boat and that became the key to their success.

They started sailing 203 knots faster than that of the Italian team and then stepped into the route of winning the races. The Kiwis had to play as per the intentions of the Italian team at first but later on; they took the charge and started controlling the race. Spithill forced the Kiwi team to go deep in the water and at the bottom right corner of the track; they crossed the opponent and pushed them at the threshold of losing the race. Both the teams played the race very aggressively but in the end, the right team won the race.

They were in search of an opportunity where they can outplay the opponent and can start winning the races. Peter Burling of Team New Zealand then took control of the boat and he put the boar around the leeward gate so that it could get back on track. This incredible move set the tune of the race and then came the turning point of the race as Team New Zealand beat the Italian team. At the final lap, these boats came together for the last time and Team New Zealand took the title snatched.

Prada Pirelli

Sailing Time in the Virgin Islands

The last year of the 2nd decade of the 21st century went like a horrible dream for the world. The Covid-19 epidemic situation grabbed the world so much that everyone had to stay inside their house to stay safe from it. Eventually, the world of sports and games also got affected a lot due to it. Most of the sporting events were either canceled or postponed for the future. Not only small tournaments but the most renowned event of games and sports, The Olympic Games were also postponed till 2021. Sailing events like America’s Cup were also rescheduled and were organized in March 2021.

But among all these negative news, there is positive news too as the St. Thomas International Regatta is going to be organized on its pre-scheduled time of 26th to 28th March of 2021. This competition is going to be held at the coast of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and thus it is game time for them. The authority of the race organizing committee, Stellar Race Management has made a statement of assurance that they are going to organize the competition with all the necessary precautionary measures. The St. Thomas International Regatta will be judged by virtual marks of start and finish lines and they will be marked by the two new race officers Dave Brennan and Dick Neville.

Those who are not aware of the virtual marks should know that it is a mark made by the Geo positioning system or GPS. The participants would have to sail around these marks. The teams will be given instructions through the radio transmitters. It is possible in this virtual marking system that you can lengthen or shorten the racecourses depending on the time the races require. Brennan stated that this system will take the sailing race competitions a long way forward.

St. Thomas International Regatta

It will be beneficial in setting the marks in the deep water too. There are two classes of boats like CSA Spinnaker and CSA Non-Spinnaker. The races will start at 11 a.m. and the tracks will go round the rocks. Before the start of the race, there will be a warm-up round in the St. Thomas International Regatta and it will pass through the neighboring islands of St. John which is called the home of the Virgin Islands National Park.

The St. Thomas International Regatta is basically for those who are not professional sailors and some of them are not even sailors. They only have the basic idea and experience of sailing boats in the water bodies. For these people, the St. Thomas International Regatta is an opportunity to view the beautiful scenes of the coasts of the Virgin Islands. This race is a perfect course for those who want to experience everything about sailing. For the St. Thomas International Regatta of 2021, nearly 40 entries have been registered and the race will continue till 28th March 2021. There will be four classes of the race namely CSA (Caribbean Sailing Association) Racing and Non-Spinnaker and One-Design IC24 and Hobie Wave.

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