Steeped Coffee – Perfect Coffee At Home Every Time

You want to drink a good cup of steeped coffee, but you don’t know how to get started.

We all love the idea of drinking better coffee, but most people are intimidated by the process and never try it.

Steeped Coffee is a subscription service that delivers freshly roasted artisanal coffees directly to your door every month in convenient single-serve pods (no equipment required). Their beans are handpicked from small family farms around the world that practice sustainable farming methods. Each cup will be bold and flavorful without any bitterness or sour notes that can ruin an otherwise great cup of coffee. Plus, their Direct Trade standards ensure they’re always working with farmers who care about quality over quantity.

Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee – Operations

Santa Cruz, California is home to all operations, including specialty coffee roasting and manufacturing. Steeped Coffee’s unique character is based on quality control, ethics, and sustainability. Made in the USA

Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee – Simplicity

The machines that are made of them are more environmentally friendly than the pods they replace. It is difficult to transport and clean equipment. Both can be expensive to fix a problem that isn’t so complex. Sometimes, going backward can be better than going forwards. Keep it simple and unplug – just add water!

To make your first cup, you don’t even need to have a cup. You should be able to Take Your Moment regardless of where you live. There are many ways to make coffee. You can use a French press, French press, pour-over, Italian espresso, or espresso. It always involves water and coffee for most people. Steeped Coffee takes this core idea and blends it with specialty coffee standards to bring you specialty coffee simplified. It’s sometimes the easiest things that are difficult to accomplish, but we have worked for years to create the best tasting coffee possible in the most convenient way. Take it easy. Relax. Enjoy Every Moment.

There is an unspoken sense that something has been done well and it shows excellence. Steeped Coffee believes there should be a responsibility when something is created to communicate beauty. The care that goes into each product. Every product we create carries with it an obsession for details. Combining old-fashioned craftsmanship, each experience helps to combine Quality, Convenience, and Sustainability.

Steeped Coffee

Stepped Coffee – Specialty

Special microclimates are used to produce specialty coffees. These special environments allow for unique flavors and yield unique results. Our beans are fair and directly traded. They are freshly roasted in small batches and precision ground. Nitro sealed for freshness.

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Steeped Coffee

Steeped Coffee – Responsible and Ethical

Coffee is an experience that begins long before it is brewed in your cup. Quality coffee is more than just a pleasure for our taste buds. It also includes the care and attention given by each farmer, direct trade relationships that support local communities, and skillful roasting. Direct Trade coffee is ethically sourced through relationships with farmers and purchasing practices that exceed Fair Trade minimums. Steeped Coffee invites all to join a community that is proud of its coffee and a movement that cares about each page of its story.

Each of us has a part to play in the improvement of the world we live and work in. Steeped Coffee takes these responsibilities very seriously, especially in packaging. Guilt-Free Packaging ensures that sacred coffee rituals are not lost on the next generation. Every Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bag is made from a non-GMO food-grade, renewable and biodegradable product. The Steeped Pack’s award-winning outer packaging is made from compostable and renewable materials. Steeped Coffee retail boxes are recyclable. They are made from 100% recycled materials, with at least 85% coming from post-consumer materials and recycled fiber. No virgin materials were used. Each element of their packaging uses every innovation while preserving the coffee’s freshness and quality. Our top priority is to continue learning, innovating, and improving our materials. This is not an afterthought.

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My Favorite

My favorite way to use Steeped Coffee is to put 1 coffee pouch into a small canning jar filled with water and leave it in the fridge overnight. Steeped Coffee is perfect for cold-brewed coffee. Simple and easy – no containers to clean. If I use a quart-sized jar, I use four packs and steep overnight. Then I use this concentrate to make the perfect cold brew in the morning.



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