6 Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card in Illinois

6 Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card in Illinois

One of the reasons that so many states are legalizing cannabis in various ways is the health benefits that it can provide. If you suffer from a qualifying condition, like chronic pain, migraines, depression, and many others, then you can get a card that allows you to purchase cannabis like you would a prescription drug. Along with getting relief from your symptoms, there are several benefits of having a medical cannabis card in a recreational state such as Illinois. Below we’ve listed a few of those reasons. So please be sure to read on!

6 Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card in Illinois


Depending on the state you reside in, a medical marijuana card can cost you anywhere between $50- $100. However, by having it, you can receive tax discounts on your cannabis purchases, unlike recreational users. For example, in Illinois, there is a tax levied on certain items. This tax is called an excise tax, and it can be up to 25% on cannabis products. Plus, the regular Illinois sales tax must be paid when you purchase. If you have a medical card, you’re exempted from paying the excise tax or the sales tax. You will only have to pay a 1% retailer tax. That means that your cannabis costs will be 30% less than recreational users, and your card will pay for itself very quickly. 

No Suffering Through Shortages

Shortly after states legalized cannabis for recreational use, there was such a high demand that dispensaries around the U.S. experienced shortages. Luckily for those who had a medical marijuana card, it did not affect their usage. This is because medical patients get priority services over recreational users. So in the chance of a shortage occurring, ensure that you can still get what you need by looking up how to get a medical marijuana card in Chicago or wherever you live in the state and begin your application process to become a medical user. 

Higher Quality Marijuana

Medical users of marijuana often need higher quality cannabis to get the proper effects they are looking for. If you have a medical marijuana card, you can access the highest quality medical-grade marijuana in the state; it comes from local and organic growers. Recreational users do not have the same selection that medical users do. 

You Can Grow Your Own

One of the best ways to know exactly what qualities of cannabis you are consuming is by growing it yourself. With a medical marijuana card, you gain the right to grow and cultivate your amount in specific quantities (of course, this depends on the state you reside in). That way, you can find the perfect formula for you and repeat it over and over again. Beyond controlling the quality, it can also become a fascinating hobby to enjoy. 

Buy In Larger Quantities

If you are a recreational user in Illinois, you are permitted to purchase 1.05 ounces in a two-week period. With a medical marijuana card, that limit goes up to 2.5 ounces in a two-week period. Just like with other products, buying in bulk can save you money. Many dispensaries offer bulk-buying options for medical patients. While you can’t leave the shop with more than 2.5, they will hold back that bulk purchase amount for you so you can pick it up in installments. This makes it simple for patients, and dispensaries can be sure of larger purchases. 

Straight to the Front of the Line

By law, Illinois dispensaries must prioritize medicinal users as best they can. At many shops, medical users will get priority access and head to the front of the line if there is a long one. Medical users often have mobility and pain problems, so they will do their best to get you in and out as quickly as possible. 

It’s never a good thing if you have a chronic condition. However, marijuana has shown that it can help relieve and treat certain conditions. Along with that, you can also get several benefits by contacting your medical marijuana card. If you think you qualify to get one, then visit your nearest certified doctor to ask. 


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    You are right, many of my friends have already felt the benefits of such products. We often shop at hemp dispensary even now, and find everything we need. I often use CBD oils to improve my sleep.

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