Is Ibogaine Treatment Legal?

Is Ibogaine Treatment Legal?

Ibogaine is an alkaloid substance, extracted from the roots of iboga shrub, which is found in West Africa. For years, ibogaine has been used in treating addiction problems because of its ability to control synapses and neurons in the brain. However, there has been a serious debate about the safety of ibogaine treatment because of the limited research in this area.

This has led to one question:-

Is ibogaine treatment legal? 

The legality of ibogaine treatment varies around the world. Today, ibogaine is categorized as a schedule I substance in the US. However, a few cities in the United States have made ibogaine treatment legal. That means ibogaine treatment remains illegal across the United States and possessing the substance risks imprisonment. 

Other countries like Belgium, France, Finland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland have made ibogaine treatment illegal. In addition, both Canada and the United Kingdom have strict laws governing ibogaine treatment. 

However, this doesn’t mean that every country across the globe has made ibogaine treatment illegal. In 2009, ibogaine was classified as prescription medicine in New Zealand. This made it the first country in the world to recognize the efficiency of ibogaine treatment in treating substance addiction. Also, other countries like Mexico and Uruguay have legalized ibogaine treatment. 

With that said, the laws surrounding ibogaine treatment are either unspecific or non-existent in other parts of the world. Because of this, this industry doesn’t have sufficient regulation. This is the reason why most ibogaine treatment centers operate in “grey” areas, that is, the countries without clear rules about the legality of ibogaine treatment. 

At the moment, ibogaine treatment isn’t regulated in Mexico and Central America. That makes these two regions the most popular options for ibogaine treatment as well as the closest options for anyone seeking ibogaine treatment. Also, there are other options, like South Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe, even though they are unregulated. 

If you are seeking ibogaine treatment, the location that you choose matters. Your location will affect the cost and safety of your treatment. Depending on your condition, your support person or family can be involved in determining where you receive the ibogaine treatment—especially if they are financing your treatment.

What makes ibogaine illegal?

There are several reasons why most countries have categorized ibogaine treatment as an illegal substance. One of the primary reasons is the lack of clinical studies and trials in humans. Because of this, there’s a major concern about ibogaine’s cardiotoxicity. Also, ibogaine can cause liver and cardiac complications, which can be fatal if not addressed or monitored properly. 

Another reason why ibogaine is illegal is the lack of clear understanding about how the treatment works—thanks to misrepresentation from mainstream media. Some ignore the unique neuropharmacological properties since ibogaine is considered a psychedelic substance.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot access ibogaine treatment, despite most countries categorizing it to be illegal. The best way to safely get ibogaine treatment is by choosing a safe ibogaine treatment center. 

Please note that ibogaine treatment isn’t something you should choose on impulse. Thus, you need to make a few considerations to make sure that ibogaine treatment is right for you, the treatment center you’ve chosen can meet your needs, and that your safety and health will be taken care of. With that said, here are 4 key considerations to make when choosing ibogaine treatment. 

Is Ibogaine Treatment Legal?

Your individual needs

Anyone seeking ibogaine treatment has unique needs and different ibogaine treatment centers are different. While this might sound very common, it’s an important consideration to make when choosing the right treatment center. 

Please note that ibogaine is a powerful substance for managing drug addiction. However, it’s not the magic bullet for your way out. You will also need after-care to overcome the traumas or issues that caused your drug addiction problem. Also, you will need to rebuild your life and build new, positive and healthy habits. Therefore, you need to consider your individual needs and what worked or didn’t work in the past before choosing a treatment center. 


While ibogaine is very effective in treating drug addiction, using it has some serious health risks. Studies have shown that ibogaine can worsen pre-existing heart conditions, or cause blood clots, liver and kidney failure, or psychological problems. However, most of these issues are a result of self-administration, or inexperienced or irresponsible treatment centers. Therefore, you need to consider the safety precautions put in place by the treatment center before making your choice. 

Value for money

The cost of treatment is a major concern for most people seeking ibogaine treatment. However, your goal should be to find a treatment center that’s right for you. Treating addiction is costly. So, choosing a cheap treatment center to save money can be very expensive in the long run. Therefore, you should consider the facility resources, length of your stay, as well as aftercare services before choosing your treatment center. 

Check whether the treatment center is operating legally

If you want to overcome your addiction problem, you don’t want to get arrested and prosecuted when you are in the most vulnerable state. Therefore, choose a facility that operates legally, and one that can get you the proper medical assistance in case of an emergency. 


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