What Are The Easiest Sewing Patterns For Beginners?

What Are The Easiest Sewing Patterns For Beginners

If you are a beginner or have not perfected your sewing skills, it’s advisable to choose a pattern that’s not hard to follow. These simple patterns are also known as beginner sewing patterns and can help you develop your sewing skills and confidence. This is the confidence you will need in your future sewing projects—especially if you plan to start a career in sewing. 

Choosing beginner sewing patterns can be a challenge. However, it’s important to note that your patterns don’t need to be complicated. You can choose patterns that help you make simple things that you use every day at home. In this post, we shall discuss the easiest sewing patterns for beginners. 

What Are The Easiest Sewing Patterns For Beginners

But first, how do you choose a sewing pattern? Here are a few pointers to guide you:

  • Look for any closures – before choosing any pattern, you need to learn how to look for closures like zippers and buttons. Words to note in any pattern description are ‘pull-over’ or ‘pull-on’—these words mean you don’t have to close or open a closure when getting it on or off. You will get used to zippers and buttons with time. However, if you are new to sewing, you should focus on cutting accurately and sewing straight rather than zipper insertion. 
  • The fabric you choose matters – stable fabrics are easier to handle for beginners, unlike the fabrics that stretch and drape. Therefore, you need to check the envelope to see if the fabric indicated is beginner-friendly. Some beginner-friendly fabrics include a medium-weight woven fabric, chambray, and quilt-weight cotton. Avoid going for stretch knit or silk fabrics if you are new to sewing.
  • Check the difficult rating – the difficult level ratings differ for different companies. For instance, some companies can list sewing patterns with buttons and zippers as ‘beginner’ patterns. What this means is that these patterns are not complex. However, if you’ve never done a zipper or button insertion before, the patterns can be challenging to sew. Therefore, you need to carefully read the description and line drawing to determine the difficulty level of the pattern. 
  • Check the number of pieces – the more the pattern pieces, the more complex the outfit will be to make. Again, it would be best to read the description and line drawings to check the number of seams in the pattern. All sewing patterns have technical illustrations on the front and back sides, showing you things like seams and darts. These illustrations will show you the number of pieces you will be handling. If you are unsure, open the envelope to check the pattern layout and inventory to know the number of pieces inside. 

As a beginner, there are lots of easy projects that you can work on. With that in mind, ensure that you choose the right project, not the brand that has easy patterns. The following is a list of the most straightforward patterns to try as a beginner. However, you shouldn’t be limited to this list—these are just suggestions to get you started. 

With that said, let’s delve in!


These are some of the easiest patterns to start with as a beginner. And the good thing is, you can use any spare fabric to sew cute pillowcases to improve the aesthetic of your home. 

Furry baby blankets

Baby skins are very soft, and that’s why babies enjoy being cuddled with fluffy blankets. You can make several fluffy blankets for your baby since they have very simple patterns. Besides, it’s something that you can keep going back to occasionally.

Stuffed fabric letters

This simple pattern can help you teach your kids letters. Besides, it’s an exciting way of using your creativity to teach your children. You only need extra fabric and stuffing for this project. 

Drawstring bags

If you have a sense of fashion, you can try creating some drawstring bags. These bags have easy patterns to follow, and you can customize the size to suit your taste. You can make them as big as a regular backpack or small to carry your daily essentials. 

Flannel scarves

Yes—these DIY scarves can give you that extra chic appearance. They are very simple and easy fashion accessories to make. Besides, you can still sell them and make some extra money—this is one of the best ways to get money from your beginner sewing projects. 

Stylish leggings for your kids

Do you want to take your kids’ leggings to the next level? Then why not use your extra felt or knit fabrics to make leggings for your babies with these simple sewing patterns?

Fabric keychains

Are you tired of misplacing or losing your keys? Or, are you searching for the perfect gifts for your support group? Then why not try making key chains with your spare fabric? These unique accessories are easy to make, and you can add designs that suit the personalities of your friends and family. 

Tote bags

These are fashionable and yet functional designs that are ideal for beginners. Besides, you can make different designs and sizes, which can sell and make you money. 

Bottom Line

Sewing projects shouldn’t be hard for beginners to enjoy. That’s why you need beginner sewing patterns like the dress patterns by Fayma, as they can help you improve your sewing skills. And the good thing is, you don’t need to attend a class to make these patterns. All you need is a sewing machine and your creativity to execute these patterns. 


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