Everything You Should Know About the Cosmetic Procedure
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Lip Flip: Everything You Should Know About the Cosmetic Procedure

In the world of cosmetic surgery, a lip flip is one of the most common procedures. It beautifies an important part of your face with the use of Botox. If you want fuller lips, then this procedure should be at the top of your list.

It’s Not Dangerous

A lip flip is about as minimalist as you can go when it comes to cosmetic surgery. It takes up to twenty minutes and involves precise Botox injections around the lip. The most notable point is at the corner of the mouth and the middle of the lip. When compared to other Botox procedures, a lip flip is among the safest available. When you start to compare it to other cosmetic procedures, a lip flip doesn’t even register on the scale. This is the most basic cosmetic surgery you can get that has Botox attached to its name.

Lip Flip


Botox procedures are low-cost and effective, and a lip flip falls right into that best price category. It’s important to mention that as a cosmetic procedure, it is likely that insurance won’t cover the costs. But since the price is already low, paying out of pocket will barely register as a blip in your bank records. Consultations are usually free and will explain in great detail the cost expectations of getting a lip flip. Patients are often surprised at the low cost of what is considered a premium cosmetic surgery method. For first-time Botox users, a lip flip may be the best introduction to the cosmetic surgery world.

The Before and After

Pictures help, but often fail to show the real-world differences after a lip flip. Before a lip flip, the upper lip is small and uneven compared to the bottom lip. This becomes more noticeable if the patient has a ‘gummy’ smile. After the procedure, the top lip is fuller and more balanced with the bottom lip. Gummy smiles become regular smiles, showing a normal number of teeth rather than having the top lip disappear on a full smile. Pictures provide some idea of the after, but it isn’t as dramatic as seeing it in person. In some situations, a lip flip can completely change how your smile looks.

Dermal Filler or Lip Flip?

A dermal filler is meant to provide the same results as a lip flip. However, these are two completely different procedures. A lip flip makes the lips look fuller without increasing their volume. A dermal filler is much more involved and falls under actual surgery.

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that increases the size of the lips to give them a hydrated appearance. Fillers of this type lean more towards implants, a more permanent option. A lip flip is temporary, and will usually wear off in a few months. There is no wrong choice between the two since it comes down to personal preference and cost.

Get Fuller Lips

Cosmetic surgeries are the easiest way to get a timeless look. The lip flip is an improved procedure that pays for itself on the first day. Start small with a lip flip to see big results that will last for months.



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