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How Good Dental Care Can Improve Your Confidence

Success comes down to knowing what will bring you the most satisfaction, what will bode well for your work and personal life, and how you plan to share your stunning success story.  A big part of that is knowing that good dental care can improve your confidence and for many UK patients, that starts with teeth straightening. 

Teeth straightening is a common dental practice. Nearly 1/3 of children require teeth straightening. It would follow therefore that similar adult numbers require teeth straightening as well, specifically those who didn’t have the treatment as a child. As children go without the teeth straightening services they need, adults soon need those same services in higher numbers. The good news is the braces are no longer just for children, and you can take advantage of tooth alignment at any age. 

Teeth straightening can cause a dramatic improvement in your appearance and of course your self-esteem by extension. There is one contemporary technique referred to as Invisalign which creates discrete ways to straighten your teeth without the visible traces of braces. Instead, the wearers will have a series of aligners designed to fit their teeth which are removable and almost entirely invisible. Even high-profile public figures have utilized this rather invisible treatment including Olympic cyclists who have pursued their championship careers all the while wearing this treatment with no one the wiser.

Over 15 years of research and development have been put into the system to make it increasingly sophisticated year after year. Improvements have made complex tooth alignment a possibility, changing the teeth to a straighter landscape. Orthodontists have widely accepted this treatment option, and now these aligners are synonymous with great teeth straightening.

The system is not only unobtrusive and nearly invisible but technologically sophisticated.

Dental care

What happens when I get to straighten mirrors?

When you visit your orthodontist or your dentist, you will first undergo your initial consultation during which time images and impressions will be taken of your teeth. The system will then use a 3-D computer graphics program to predict the outcome of treatment and give you a graphical representation of what your teeth look like at the end. You will get to see what the final position will be and once you agree to it each set of aligners is precisely calibrated and tailored to your mouth for various stages of the treatment plan.

How does the treatment plan work?

Once your treatment is underway, you start out by wearing each set of aligners for roughly two weeks. As each week passes, your teeth will start to move toward the predicted final position, and during the treatment time, you are perfectly able to eat and drink whatever you want. The aligners are removable so you can even do something like play a wind instrument without any problems, just remove them and then put them back when you’re done. You can also regularly maintain your teeth by brushing and flossing by, once again, removing the aligners when not in use. With no wires or metal brackets to try and navigate, you can maintain healthy gums and teeth the entire time.

With advancements such as these is no surprise that over 3 million people have been treated with the system. All of these people have had their teeth straightened by over 80,000 dental professionals around the world. Each dental professional is trained and qualified to provide this particular treatment, and they are supported by a company that encourages clinical education, technical support, and ongoing product developments all of which guarantee the best possible clinical outcomes. As such you can remain confident that you will be treated by highly trained professionals.

This system is clearly a different way for people to get their teeth straightened because it is undetectable which makes it particularly appealing for adults who don’t want to put on hold their careers, lifestyles, or hobbies and want to enjoy the confidence brought about by an improved smile. For more information, you can talk to a dentist nearby.

Not only will teeth straightening help give you a better smile, but it is something you can have done while you also tend to other oral concerns, such as teeth whitening or a veneer over a cracked tooth. Your dentist can talk to you about the services they offer, what payment options you have for straightening your teeth give your insurance, and any other services you might consider at the same time. If you have any fears or anxiety, they can also talk to you about things like sedation to calm your nerves. 

Knowing the ways in which good dental care can improve confidence, as a dental practitioner, it is best for you to use Dental wholesalers Kent Express to provide your office with the supplies necessary to provide a range of teeth whitening services as well as teeth straightening services and other supplies.



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