11 Interior Mistakes You Can Make in Your Kitchen
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11 Interior Mistakes You Can Make in Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovating the kitchen, it’s necessary to think through everything to the smallest detail. This applies not only to good ergonomics, the arrangement of large appliances, the color of the walls and furniture, there are many nuances that you need to pay attention to at the planning stage because eliminating them later will be quite problematic.

Although at first glance it may seem that everything is not so terrible and can be fixed, you should remember that the repair in the kitchen is made for many years, and it is very difficult to change one detail without affecting the rest. We offer you 11 mistakes, which are made even by professional designers. And by avoiding them, we make our kitchen a place where we feel great not only while cooking but also while creating a PlayAmo login and working for hours.

11 Interior Mistakes You Can Make in Your Kitchen

Incomplete Opening of Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If the set is located in a niche, the walls or the handles of the cabinets themselves may interfere with the full opening of the fronts. The same applies to the refrigerator, especially the built-in. When opening a drawer, it should form an angle of over 90° so that you can reach the shelves or drawers. With an incompletely opened drawer, there are additional time costs when you need to get something out/remove it and it is difficult to do so.

You need to think accurately about the layout of cabinets and appliances so this doesn’t happen. A great alternative would be a kitchen set, where the fronts open with a light touch.

Light Sources and Switches in the Kitchen Interior

Each area in the kitchen should have its own lighting. Usually, they say that there should be a general light and additional lighting of the work area, but it is better to provide more options: work area lighting on the edge of the upper cabinets and above them, general lighting of the room, and necessarily a separate light source for the dining area. This way the accent in the interior will be on the table and distract attention from the work area.

Extended Wires and Communications on the Walls of the Kitchen

Most often the wires are disguised, using boxes or hiding in drawers. Here we are talking about the outlet of the hood in the vent, which is difficult to hide if the unit is far from the ventilation hole. You can consider the use of built-in hoods with air recirculation functions.

However, it must be remembered that with such a device, the room needs access to fresh air, especially if a gas stove is installed.

Using Natural Marble in the Kitchen Interior

Marble is a luxurious material for finishing and has not only a lot of pros but also some cons. Of course, this material is durable and spectacular, but, due to its crystalline-grained structure, any dirt penetrates deep into the rock and it is almost impossible to clean it.

In addition, marble surfaces need to be polished frequently to maintain their aesthetic beauty. And the main disadvantage of such finishing – is the weight of the marble slab will not withstand every overlap, in a simple apartment building, it is better to abandon it completely. 

Elongated Kitchen Set

When planning the kitchen, you need to remember the rule of ergonomics in the arrangement of items. The order of sequence is as follows: the refrigerator, in 60 cm has installed the sink, and in 100 cm from the sink – the cooktop. In a small kitchen, the distances can be slightly reduced, and in the presence of a large space to make it a little wider to minimize movement in the room.

Tight Aisles in the Interior of the Kitchen

Choosing an island kitchen, you need to clearly calculate the distance between the drawers, first of all for safety reasons. The doors should fully open and the drawers should slide out well, without the risk of hitting the heated stove or oven with the back.

Mosaics on Kitchen Unit Fronts

Kitchen unit fronts are not designed for mosaic décor. The doors simply may not be able to withstand such decoration. Besides, the substrate under the tiles takes away several, sometimes very important, centimeters.

If the kitchen is imaginable without such decor, use a mosaic to decorate the apron or wall next to the dining area.

Shiny Kitchen Set

Of course, glossy light garniture makes the room visually larger, which is indispensable for small kitchens. But surfaces get dirty very quickly and it is quite difficult to keep them clean.

The way out of this situation can be the choice of fronts with a special coating, on which prints do not remain in large quantities, or embossed, so that dirt was not so visible.

Glass Tables in the Interior

Designers suggest using transparent tabletops, so as not to visually clutter the space of the kitchen. But they are not durable, even with careful use, scratches form on the glass, and often changing the dining table is impossible.

One option in deciding to have a glass table might be to choose a clear dining group made of durable plastic, which is great for modern interior styles.

Shelves Rather Than Drawers in the Kitchen Interior

In the kitchen, it is more convenient to use drawers instead of shelves in closed cabinets. This way, all the things in the storage areas are easy to see, and if you add a mechanism for opening the doors by pressing, you can make everyday life much easier.

Finishing Your Kitchen Floor With Wood

As sturdy and beautiful as wood finishes may seem, they are the least suitable for kitchen floors. A kitchen is a place where all surfaces are exposed to moisture, temperature fluctuations, or other adverse factors.

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