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6 Simple Yet Cute Ways to Decorate Kids’ Birthday Cards

The excitement and anticipation your children have when their birthday approaches can make you more excited than ever to plan the best party ever. One important part of this is including a card that’s just as fun and unique as your child is. Taking the time to craft one from scratch can give you a lot of creative opportunities to write a special message and decorate the outside of it in a personal way.

1. Use Eye-Popping Colours

One of the best parts about making a kids birthday card is the ability to make it as colourful and bright as you can. Using bright neon construction paper, such as a brilliant orange colour or a blue colour as gorgeous as a clear sky, can help. You do not need to find expensive paper meant for professional artists since regular construction paper usually is more durable and useful when crafting a card.

2. Try Out Stamps and Stickers

When a regular card feels like it needs something extra, you may want to try out adding shiny stickers and cool stamps to the outside of the birthday card. Stickers of your children’s favourite cartoon characters or animals can add a personal touch to a well-crafted card. There are a wide variety of stickers available, and many of them come in different sizes and shapes that you can use around the border of your card or on the front.

3. Get Gel Pens and Markers

Writing in a plain black pen may be helpful for legal documents, but it can feel boring if you try to use it for a child’s birthday card. When you take a chance and use bold gel pens or bright markers to write a message, then you can personalise and add energy to a regular design. Choosing different sizes of markets lets you add details that you couldn’t with just a plain pencil. You don’t have to be a pro at calligraphy to craft a card that catches people’s eyes.

4. Cut Out Some Decorations

Taking out a pair of scissors and cutting up paper into shapes to paste on your child’s card can be a fun and rewarding way to use your creativity. Whether your children are into sports or have a favourite animal, you can find almost any pattern online and trace it out before you start. Using a guide, you can carefully snip along the lines and within a few minutes, you can have a fully-finished paper craft you can glue on a card.

5. Focus Your Inner Artist 

While it may seem intimidating if you are not used to drawing, freehanding a sketch or looking at a picture online for inspiration to draw on the front of your children’s birthday can be a worthy idea. If you need to practice a few times, you can use a pencil and lightly draw lines to test out where you want to retrace them in pen or darker pencil for the final picture. Not only will your children love to get a handmade piece of art from you, but you can also create a lasting sketch that will mean something personal.

6. Break Out the Paint

Sometimes, you want to add a special bit of texture to an otherwise flat card. If you have some paintbrushes handy and a bit of free time, then you can easily paint a gorgeous picture for your child’s birthday card. Using water-based paints may be messy at times, but they can also give you a softer kind of design that looks perfect for a card celebrating a special birthday.


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