4 Tips for Starting a Nursing Career

4 Tips for Starting a Nursing Career

Nursing jobs. Like most people, you’ve probably Googled “Nursing jobs” or “How to get a nursing job” at least once. If you haven’t, well… then it’s about time you did!

So, what should you know about finding a nursing job?

It’s not as easy as applying to the first few that look good on Google!

There are so many things involved in getting hired for a nursing position: researching your options, networking with recruiters and hiring managers, and ensuring that your resume and cover letter paint you in the best light possible.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For Your Future in Nursing?

To be prepared for your future in nursing, it’s important to do some research before you start sending out applications. Would you be a medical-surgical nurse, a flight nurse, or perhaps a geriatric nurse?

Figure out the pay scale, how much training you may require, and anything else you think is important. Don’t just stop thereif you’re going to become a nurse, then you should know everything there is to know about your profession!

Continue your research by researching the many organizations and associations specific to nursing careers. This can help you figure out what organizations would be best for your skill sets and where potential employers hang out.

You’ll also need to know about the potential career options and pathways into nursing. As you learn more, you’ll discover what career path suits you best.

4 Tips for Starting a Nursing Career

Starting a Nursing Career

Get Your Degree First

First, you’ll need to apply to a college or university with a nursing program. Schools will vary in terms of the depth of their nursing programssome will have general options for those who want to do public health work or work in other health-related fields.

Some schools may also have accelerated programs for those who already have previous experience in the field or are highly motivated.

Get a Job in an Area Related to Nursing

Working as an aide or assistant in a health-related field while going to school is common.

This will give you hands-on experience and help you be a more attractive candidate for your nursing program.

Remember: all your extracurricular activities, no matter how big or small, should be listed on your resume! This will help show recruiters that you are invested and knowledgeable about what it takes to get into the nursing field.

Apply at Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals Near You

Start by researching the nursing facilities in your area. It’s best to find a hospital close to home, so you’ll have less commute.

Then check their websites and see if they have any job openings. If they do, apply! You can also call the human resources office to see if they are giving out any other opportunities.

Build Your References

You’ll need to have plenty of references, so start now!

Find people who can speak to your strengths and think you will make a great nurse. These should include college professors and people you’ve worked with in the past – not just employers but colleagues.

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