10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Treasure Forever

Mother’s Day is an important holiday for many. That’s right — and science tells us that, too. Over 80 percent of customers will celebrate Mother’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Foundation. While some celebrate with their biological mothers, others celebrate with other important mother figures in their lives — grandparents, aunts, cousins, even siblings, and adoptive parents. Mother’s Day is a day to show the mother figures in your life how much you care! Whether you shower her with love and affection or celebrate in another way, here are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts that she’s sure to treasure forever.

  1. A coffee mug with her name on it. She’s been on the go since you were a kid. These days, most moms juggle work life and parent life — somehow making it look effortless. She deserves a coffee cup as great as she is! Coffee cups are great personalized Mother’s Day gifts because they are easy to wrap but can say so much in such a small package. Use them to send a funny or heartfelt message. The choice is yours!
  2. A piece of jewelry. Jewelry is a common gift to give your Mom on Mother’s Day. Whether you give her a necklace with your birthstone or you give her an infinity ring to show your unconditional love for her, she’ll love what you get her no matter the price tag. She’ll just be grateful you took the time to get her something for the holiday. However, jewelry is a good gift to invest in because great pieces last for a long time. It’ll be something she can eventually pass on to you or your kids if you have them!
  3. A photo album with pictures of the two of you. Get really sentimental with a photo album! It’s a great gift to give mom on Mother’s Day. You can organize it by location, date, or alphabetically by memory. There are lots of different things you can do with a photo album. Consider doing multiple smaller albums by year, especially if your mom took a lot of photos of you growing up! She’ll love the collection, especially if her current photo album collection is looking a little worse for wear.

  1. A set of packing cubes. That’s right — if your Mom loves to travel (or has been meaning to travel now that all the kids are grown and out of the house), consider getting her a set of packing cubes. They’ll help to keep all her items neat and organized in her luggage. While it doesn’t seem like the “prettiest” gift, moms love gifts that make their hectic lives easier. Packing cubes are perfect for that! If your mom is one who loves a practical gift, then packing cubes are perfect for her. Consider getting her a custom luggage tag to go with them!
  2. Something she can wear. Wearable items are perfect for Mother’s Day. Whether you get her a cozy sweatshirt, a custom Mom shirt, or a pair of soft pajama pants, she’ll love the chance to get something specifically to commemorate her special day from one of her kids. Pro tip: Moms love socks! A pair of socks is great for Mother’s Day because she can wear them with her slippers as she walks around the house. Which, if you grew up in a home with hardwood floors, then you know how important Mom’s slippers are to her.
  3. A glass sprayer for her houseplants. Elevate her greenery game with a glass sprayer for her houseplants! If your Mom spends a lot of time with the greenery in her home (maybe she’s even dedicated your old room to now be her “green room”), then she might just be using a dollar store plastic spray bottle to water her plants. Give her the chance to elevate her spray bottle experience by giving her an elegant glass spray bottle to keep in her new plant room for Mother’s Day. She’ll feel like the plant queen with her fancy spray bottle!

  1. A ceramic Dutch oven. There are some kitchen supplies that are considered an investment. Cast iron pans, stand mixers and the coveted Dutch oven are all important staples of a well-stocked kitchen. However, they’re very expensive, especially from the tried and true brands that have withstood the test of time. Go the extra mile for your Mom this Mother’s Day and give her her very own ceramic Dutch oven that she didn’t buy from the local thrift store. While it might make a dent in your bank account, let’s face it — she’s totally worth it.
  2. A personalized fountain pen. If your mom likes to journal or write, a personalized fountain pen is a great gift idea for her for Mother’s Day. A quality fountain pen can last for years, the perfect item to start as a family heirloom. See if you can add a custom element, such as her birthstone or the stone of her anniversary if she has one. Either way, fountain pens are wonderful gifts to give, especially for a sentimental holiday like Mother’s Day.
  3. Don’t forget Grandma. If you’re close to your Grandmother, consider giving her a gift for Mother’s Day! After all, there’s a pretty good chance she raised one of your favorite people. She deserves some love on the holiday just as much as your Mom does. There are lots of personalized gifts for Grandma out there that will make her very happy on Mother’s Day.

A heartfelt letter. Sometimes, your Mom just wants to know that you care. Take the time to write her a heartfelt letter and tell her how much you love her. It doesn’t have to be pages and pages long, but try to convey your favorite things about her, what you’re grateful for about her and maybe even a funny memory you have of the two of you. She’ll really appreciate it if you took the time to sit down and pen something for her. Don’t worry if your handwriting is atrocious — typed letters can get the job done, too.

3 thoughts on “10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Treasure Forever

  1. Kelly M. says:

    I like the Dutch oven idea. Cooking supplies are useful, and I know my mom doesn’t have one of these. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. TheodoreTH009 says:

    Salutations! As we near Father’s Day, I’m hoping to find a thoughtful and unique gift for my dad. If anyone has any tips or recommendations to make his day extra special, I’m all ears. Thank you in advance for your help!

  3. Fernando Poolfff says:

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