How to Take Care of Your Air Condition Unit

Similar to other household machinery, your AC unit also deserves some love now and then if you want it to provide a steady service throughout the year. Not only will you have a more quality service, but more importantly, you’d be preventing expensive repairs and headaches. The technicians at Allied Experts in New Jersey know a thing or two about the topic and here’s what they told me what to do if I want to take care of air conditioning myself.

Clean the Filters

Filters are more or less the first line of defense that needs to make sure that clean air comes out of the unit and prevents the dust from getting inside. Over time these filters get clogged which is perfectly normal, but the problem is if you neglect that dirt and just keep using the AC.

These filters need to be checked at least once a year or more frequently if you use them for both cooling and heating. Sometimes it is easier to replace them because cleaning just won’t do justice, especially if you use them a lot and have a pet.

Check the Coils

Coils also require some attention. Its role is to collect the hot air and cool it. It is located inside the unit and sometimes you simply neglect it because you think changing filters would be enough. In reality, coils need to be clean because the dirt can directly affect the performance and energy the AC uses. Not to mention major breakdowns that might occur due to the machine not being able to execute the given task.

Your radiator fins might also become loose or bent, this is yet another way to block the airflow. These fins should also be checked when you clean the coils. If you are unsure or don’t feel confident enough to do this, the best option would be to contact a professional and let them use the proper tools and experience to do this without any harm to the system. The good thing is that you don’t have to perform that cleaning more than once a year.


This concerns the outside unit. Debris can be harmful and is more likely to pile up if the unit is on the ground. Leaves, dirt, and dead animals might even get inside. You should check whether the outside unit is due for cleaning every time before a season where you know that you’d be using the AC heavily. Debris can prevent the air to flow and the overall good performance, not to mention that breaks are much more likely to occur, especially in warmer temperatures.

Professional help

If you find this too difficult or you suspect that there’s more than just regular maintenance that needs to be done, the safest route would be to contact a professional technician who will conduct several inspections and prevent potential breaks.

This type of visit is recommended at least once a year, because if you want to feel confident that your AC isn’t going to break when you need it most, then you need to give it the care it deserves. Seeing how you probably haven’t used your AC since last summer, now is the best time to schedule a maintenance call. Because it’s still early in the year for heavy AC use, you are much more likely to get a technician to visit you soon.

We all want our machinery to work well. However, one condition for that is keeping it well maintained. Do yourself and your AC a favor and take good care of it – it will thank you with consistent and economical operation.

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