Top Advantages of having a Bitcoin Code Account and Why You Must Use It


Bitcoin Code has a simple name that belies its intelligent cryptocurrency trading algorithms and other features. While not a full Bitcoin Code review, this breakdown covers the positive features of the service. Signing up for an account will quickly link you with the numerous advantages listed below.

Free Demo Account 

You can try out a free demo account to get a feel for the product’s service better than any review. Ensure you’re comfortable with the interface, including manual and automatic trading options.

Pay close attention to the return rate on the trades. With the demo account, you can see a direct comparison between your own trading strategies and those offered by the software.

Speedy Account Activation 

Signing up for a Bitcoin Code account is free; you can look through the website. To fully activate an account, it needs to have a minimum of €250 deposited into it. Trying the demo account first is highly recommended.

For other exchanges, you may need to send a more complex application and wait through a lengthy verification process before you can trade. The initial investment does set a minimum risk level, but it’s still within reach of anyone who wants to expand their investment portfolio or just test out the

Digital Security 

User data is encrypted using an AES 256-bit code. The robust hashing of the data makes it functionally impossible for anyone to access the information without the proper credentials. Bitcoin Code uses features like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to manage Internet security. This secured connection between the server and host is also difficult to hack.

For overall account security, two-factor authentication (2FA) will link your account to a physical device and require both the credentials and device access to verify the sign-in attempt. While a small hiccup, this drastically reduces the risk of a compromised account.

Fund Security 

Bitcoin Code is a licensed cryptocurrency trader by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, abbreviated CySEC. While a small nation off the coast of Turkey, the country has recently implemented regulations and a verification process for cryptocurrency traders and exchanges.

While the details of the regulations can be found in CySEC, the short version is that they have demands for how traders and exchanges must run their businesses. For example, applying organizations need minimum sitting funds, and any trader holding actual funds for investors has to have a higher balance.

Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading 

Humans have to sleep eventually, but the Bitcoin Code trading algorithm will continue to scour the markets for more data. Constant updating is better at keeping up with the exact status of the market than the most attentive human trader.

Bitcoin Code employs an algorithm that finds Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other major currencies that will get you the most return for your investment. Optionally, you can configure your own trading parameters to see if you can beat its predictions.

Reliable Trading Returns 

Bitcoin Code tends to perform at expected levels for cryptocurrency trading robots, earning 85% to 90% with the preset trading algorithms. Those numbers can shift with the market and don’t account for manual changes to the automatic trading parameters, so it’s still a good idea to watch your account as it trades.

Transaction Speed 

On top of automatically performing the transactions, Bitcoin Code expeditiously completes them. In automated trading, a few milliseconds can mean the difference between a boon or a bust, so quick completion plays into Bitcoin Code’s success rate.

The order execution time for the Bitcoin Code trading robot is less than 1 ms. When manually inputting the order, a slow connection can delay the speed by several seconds. Because the interface directs the trading bot while it runs elsewhere, the service can reliably provide a fast execution speed.

Fund Withdrawal Speed 

The process is painless and relatively fast when you’re ready to pull your money out of Bitcoin Code. First, no fees, fines, or hidden costs are tucked into the withdrawal. The money should be given to you within 24 hours of initiating the withdrawal claim.

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