How Should You Talk To Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana Use?

The therapeutic use of medical cannabis has recently been a frequent issue. Especially, there is a question about the appeal of the elderly to MMJ doctors.

What should be considered?

In the therapeutic or medical use of cannabis by the elderly, individual characteristics of the person must be taken into account. The question may arise: why do you use marijuana? There are many examples:

  • pain;
  • weight loss;
  • lack of appetite;
  • insomnia;
  • agitation;

There are many other questions to be answered. For example: Have I considered alternative treatments? It can be physiotherapy, pills, or balms.

What should you ask yourself?

There may be some questions before starting a possible use of medical marijuana. It is a natural process, but it is worth answering some of them.

What does science say about medical marijuana treatment? This information may differ from the stories heard or seen by people who use cannabis, because each case is individual and requires a different approach to treatment.

It is also worth learning about possible side effects. It may be the risk of heart disease, and mental problems. Especially there is the issue of cannabis interacting with other drugs. Here, too, you should warn about the use of any strong drugs.

There may be risks involved. However, the specialist will talk about how possible to improve health and loss of symptoms and how this can affect your health.  Another important point is the dosage. It is not about the indiscriminate use of a large amount of the substance. Doctors prescribe the minimum doses that will not harm the body and will not lead to irreversible consequences. It makes sense to keep certain records of taking the drug and make notes about the state of the body, and your feelings. It is important to understand that side effects should also be remembered, recorded, and, if necessary, reported to the attending physician. It will protect you and help you adjust the treatment process.

After a certain course, it does not hurt to answer the question, was there any benefit from such drugs? It must be understood that despite the side effects, the state of health could improve, and the disease became less aggressive. It is another important point to understand: can the benefits of cannabis use outweigh the side effects that humans have experienced?

Consultation with a medical specialist

It is an important and mandatory step in the treatment process. However, the decision to turn to him lies entirely with the patient. This type of treatment has already ceased to be experimental, however, it is not universal. In recent years, there have been heated discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of using medical marijuana. The experience of medical centers that have a license to work with cannabis shows that people are more likely to seek such help.

Therefore, personal consultation with a doctor is very important, where questions will be raised about the disease, the use of other drugs, side effects on the body, and those risks that still remain, albeit with a small probability. Medical professionals already have experience working with patients in this area. It is safe to say that each clinic maintains its own statistics or studies on the use of medical cannabis for the treatment or prevention of various diseases.




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  • Sandy C.

    It was very easy to talk to my pain management doctor, and she approved me for a medical marijuana card. It’s probably your best bet, as far as specialists approving you. I was surprised at the cost of card, though!

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