Сheap Real Estate in Dubai Near Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station

One of the main aspects of choosing a house is the presence of nearby public transport stops. This is becoming a key factor, especially in a city like Dubai, where many people use the metro daily. So, if you want to live near the metro and key attractions such as Business Bay, and Dubai Mall, but at the same time you are counting on a small budget, we recommend considering popular residential areas near DAFZA Metro Station (Free Zone of Dubai Airport).

DAFZA area

DAFZA is a busy business center and a free zone where several major international organizations are located. Global forwarding companies such as DHL and Integrated Packaging Systems FZCO have offices in DAFZA. In addition, there are many technology companies and financial institutions in the area.

If you are looking for cheap apartments and villas near metro stations, you will find many suitable options near DAFZA Metro Station.

Apartments in Al-Nahda 

A permanent favorite among Dubai residents and ex-pats. The area is popular due to its amenities, central location, and attractive prices for rent and purchase of real estate.

This family area is divided into two subcommunities, Al-Nahda 1 and Al-Nahda 2. Both areas can be reached by DAFZA Metro, but Al-Nahda 2 is closer, and bus communication is well developed.

Life in Al-Nahda has many advantages. Its strategic location near the Sharjah-Dubai highway allows residents to avoid most traffic jams between these two emirates. There are several first-class schools in Al-Nahda and medical facilities such as Zuleikha Hospital and the NMC Specialized Hospital. All this makes the area ideal for a family lifestyle.

In Al Nahda, you can buy studios to three-bedroom apartments in buildings with the most modern amenities. Inexpensive rentals are also available here. Studio rental prices in Al Nahda 2 are about AED 25,000, and a one-bedroom apartment costs about AED 34,000. AED 43,000 and 66,000 is the average rent for apartments with two and three bedrooms per year.

Villas in Muhaisnah 

Muhaisnah, like Al Nahda 2, is not as close to the metro as other areas near the DAFZA Metro Station but can be reached by bus.

There are several clusters in the area. So, Muhaisnah 3 is more focused on villas and country-style living. It has its own public park Al Muhaisnah 3, as well as small grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes in the area. The average annual rent for a villa in Muhaisnah 3 is AED 215,000.

Villas in Al-Tvar

Al-Tvar is divided into three subcommunities: Al-Tvar 1, Al-Tvar 2, and Al-Tvar 3. The residential areas closest to DAFZA Metro Station are Al-Tvar 1 and Al-Tvar 2. Exit 1 from the metro station is the shortest way to Al-Tvar.

Al-Tvar is a family-run neighborhood with public parks and several excellent schools. Parents can choose Star International School, Asma Bint Al Naumen Modern School, Deira Private School, and Al Hudaibiya Elementary School. There are the University of Modern Sciences, Al-Falah University, Cambridge University (CIE), and Al-Dar University College for higher education.

You can visit Ultimate Supermarket LLC, Aviation Supermarket, and Emirates Co-Operative Society Supermarket to buy products. Al Twar Center is ideal for shopping. In addition, you can easily visit nearby shopping malls such as Dubai Festival City Mall, Al Ghurair Centre, Sahara Center, and Wafi Mall.

This community is known for having large villas with excellent amenities. The average rent for villas in Al-Tvar is AED 177,000.

Apartments in Al Qusais

Located at Exit 2 of the Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station, Al Qusais is a residential paradise for ex-pats looking for affordable apartments. The Al-Husais community is known as one of the oldest communities in Dubai. For many residents, this place has been home for more than two decades.

This area is equally suitable for families, solo residents, and couples. A self-sufficient community has everything you need for life. You will be able to find cafes and restaurants scattered everywhere, and the huge LuLu hypermarket satisfies the everyday needs of residents. There are many places to relax in the park by the Al-Qusais Pond, which further adds to the charm of this area.

There are also many well-known schools in Al-Qusaysah offering various study programs.

As for residential real estate, you can choose between old and new residential buildings, which have apartments from small studios to spacious three-bedroom apartments at affordable prices. Rooms in Al-Qusais cost about AED 25,000 per year, one-bedroom – AED 36,000, two-bedroom – AED 49,000 dirhams UAE per year. The average rent for large three-bedroom apartments is AED 62,000.


This concludes our review of the best residential areas near DAFZA Metro Station. Make no mistake, you can easily find beautiful apartments at fairly reasonable prices near the green line of the Dubai metro.

So, it doesn’t matter what the reason for wanting to live near the green line is, whether it’s work, your child’s school, or a family reunion, if you want to live near DAFZA Metro Station, Muhaisnah and Al-Nahda districts should be considered by you first.

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