Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

A LinkedIn automation tool is an operating system that you can use to computerize your outreach and ideas on LinkedIn. These tools enable you to automate your activities on LinkedIn and create recent leads for your products. LinkedIn Automation software also helps you schedule messages, bring contacts into a setup, and monitor your responses. With plenty of LinkedIn Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in the market, settling on one that suits your business is quite a task. Below are some of the best automation tools with their features and advantages.

Linked Helper 2.

Linked Helper, integrated with a CRM structure, is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to assist you in computerizing the procedure of evaluating and maximizing your LinkedIn profile. It comes as a self-supporting desktop app mimicking human behaviour; thus, it operates like a smart browser on your computer. It is crucial to note that Linked Helper’s learning curve is hardly steep as it was supposed to be. Still, it can be effortlessly automated and customize several items once correctly adjusted to function accordingly. It also has a unique and full range of features to smoothen lead generation and sales on LinkedIn such as:

  • Customized messages to first connections
  • Scrape and export all available information on companies and persons’ profile.
  • Integrate with third parties CRMs.
  • It has multi-source targeting.
  • It has bulk messaging which assists you in connecting with your audience.
  • Builds funnel with chains of messages.
  • It automates almost everything.


  • Linked Helper 2 is compatible with Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Premium, Free LinkedIn, and Recruiter.
  • It has a free trial (14-day) version, allowing the chance to experiment with all its attributes.
  • Sets the interval of steps, thus curbing daily activities to reduce the risks.
  • It has a versatile pricing plan allowing any use by businesses or individuals.
  • Despite having plenty of features, Linked Helper is cost-effective.


Zopto is a sales tool in LinkedIn best for increasing and building conversations at scale. The cloud-based lead cohort software is an excellent choice for customers who are just beginning their LinkedIn expansion journey and have the most little insights about the process. Zopto permits you to automate your lead generation procedure to attain new markets and clients. With this tool, you only require a short time to get started, so you do not have to download anything since it is cloud-based. Zopto’s main features include:

  • Oversee numerous profiles and infiltrate team performance.
  • It has Windows and Mac as supported platforms.
  • It computerizes your LinkedIn lead cohort fully.
  • Committed support and client success manager.
  • Auto scale-up, intervals, and random delays.
  • LinkedIn in-app chat.
  • It works with CRM tools and LinkedIn sales automation through Zapier.

Although the primary setup is complex, Zopto’s advantages outweigh the disadvantage. For instance:

  • It presents flexibility depending on your kind of business.
  • Automated LinkedIn Messaging is effortless.
  • Conversations in your inbox are acknowledged in the app.
  • Random delays, auto scale-up, and intervals help humans copy ways, thus reducing risk.


Phantombuster is a well-known LinkedIn marketing tool available online which is best for building network lead-generation workflows, automating jobs, and scraping data. It is one of the finest marketing tools that enable you to computerize LinkedIn and other social media apps. Besides offering plenty of pricing proposals best for all businesses, the following are some of the Phantombuster features, advantages, and cons.


  • It has a 14-day free trial.
  • Run most of the work in batches, thus assisting in the expansion of your network faster.
  • Encourages chain and cloud-based LinkedIn automation to design advanced workflows.
  • Actions are set up to operate automatically.
  • It offers a powerful API that enables you to modernize your LinkedIn account.
  • Assists in automating procedures on the web.
  • It merges well with Zapier, HubSpot, Hunter, and more.


  • Easy to send customized messages to your LinkedIn connections.
  • Accepting pending connections automatically on LinkedIn.
  • Allows you to obtain LinkedIn users from a search.
  • Scraping all the accessible findings from LinkedIn profiles.

The only disadvantage of using Phantombuster is that it rarely has sufficient third-party inclusions.


Having the ideal automation tool will save your business time and resources. On top of that, it will allow you to make legitimate connections crucial to sustaining the sales level in human bonding. This action will effectively decrease users’ endeavours since they do not have to explore millions of profiles for an appropriate connection. When put into use, these tools will better your results quickly, allowing you to expand your network and business simultaneously, thus giving you an upper hand over your competitors.

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