7 Natural Ways to Keep Your House Cool during the Summers
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7 Natural Ways to Keep Your House Cool during the Summers

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and do your favorite activities. However, one thing that is not so great about the summertime is the extreme heat. You know how hot it can get if you live without air conditioning. Luckily, many ways can keep your house cool. These seven natural ways to keep your house cool during summer will help the environment and lower your electricity bills. 

7 Natural Ways to Keep Your House Cool during the Summers

  • Insulation

Insulation is important if you want to keep your house warm during winter and cool during summer. Home insulation helps during summer by blocking heat from entering the home. Meanwhile, it holds heat during colder months. Various house insulation types, such as roof insulation, help with temperature all year round. Wall and floor insulation maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house and many others. 

  • Allow Ventilation

One of the great natural ways to keep your house cool during summer is by allowing cross ventilation. The best time to strategically ventilate your house is from 5 am-8 am and 8 pm-10 pm. During this period, trapped heat can escape your house, and pleasant air can come in. Also, keep windows open during nighttime so you feel the cool breeze. However, ensure insect nets on your doors and windows so mosquitos don’t come in. 

  • Use Natural Fabrics

Avoid using or sitting down on leather, silk, satin, and polyester since they absorb heat easily. Instead, use natural fabrics, like cotton and linen. Use cooling pillowcases and blankets to keep cool at night. Light and airy textiles and bedding help with ventilation and airflow. In addition, nice and natural materials can make your house look more put together. 

  • Place Shady Trees and Plants

Plants and trees are a great way to keep the house cool and look aesthetically pleasing. For example, vines and creepers on the indoor screens and balcony can help with the heat. Also, plants like aloe vera, ferns, and areca palm trees absorb toxins. Place plants on the west and east side to keep the sun rays from entering your house. 

  • Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans can help cool your house down during summer, but there are right and wrong ways of using them. Take a look at the base of your ceiling fan and notice a small switch that controls the direction of the airflow. A ceiling fan should blow in a counterclockwise direction during summer. This way, the air goes down, and you feel cooler. 

A clockwise direction should be switched during winter. A clockwise direction makes the air circulate through the room without blowing directly at you. Ceiling fans keep the airflow circulating without being expensive. 

  • Close The Blinds

Window blinds or shades help keep your home nice and cool. The best time to keep them closed is from late morning until early evening. Closing the blinds allows a room to be 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

If the room becomes too dark with the blinds or shades down, you can adjust the blinds or shades 6 inches from the top of the window. This way, the light will come in naturally but not the heat. If your windows don’t have blinds, you can easily contact Bumble Bee Blinds for consultation and installation.

  • Don’t Cook Inside

If possible, try to cook outside or prepare meals before noon or after 4-5 pm. This way, you don’t have to use the oven during the day, making your house warmer. Try to prepare meals that can be made on the grill, in a microwave, or a crock pot. 

Final Thoughts

Try incorporating these seven natural ways to keep your house cool during summer. The most significant method of keeping your house cool is good insulation. Also, invest in good natural bedding and keep the blinds down during the day. Avoid cooking in the afternoon and meal prep at night or early in the morning. 


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