Casey Yacht Cellphone Bag – Perfect For Summer Travel

Seeking one of the best cellphone bags for summer travel? Does your swimming apparel come with pockets? Are you taking a day trip to an amusement center and need a secure pocket to keep your cellphone safe? If you answered yes, you have come to the right place.

The Casey Yacht Cellphone Bag is perfect for summer travel. Waterproof and made from neoprene, this bag is great for keeping your expensive cell phone dry at the beach or on the boat. Its compact construction allows you to keep your phone and lipstick and has credit card slots. The cross-body strap means you don’t have to carry a heavy bag in your hands.

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I love this cell phone bag. It would be great to have the matching tote, mini tote, and credit card bag! Although I do carry a purse normally, there are times – especially in the summer – when all I want to carry is an ID, debit card, and cell phone. That’s all I need, but until now, I didn’t have anything as a minimalist option to meet my needs.

This bag is roomy enough for any size cell phone. I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a case that fits in the bag. My greatest struggle is that my teen daughter does NOT carry a purse and will only carry some sort of minimalist option. She desperately wants MY Haute cell phone bag!

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