6 Important Office Regulations To Maintain Office Cleanliness

If you are a business owner and want your employee to be as productive as possible, you must create a clean and healthy work atmosphere. You might be too busy building your company to be bothered to think about cleaning your office or did not have any capital to hire a janitor in your company. You can hire office cleaning experts, which service can be hired when you need it –thus you don’t have to worry too much about the expenses your company has to bear.

To make sure that the cleanliness of your office can be maintained, so you don’t have to hire for cleaning service too often, you can implement an office cleaning regulation, which everyone at the office should follow. Here are some must-follow regulations you should implement at your company.

Never leave the office without tidying the papers on the desk

Putting paperwork on their desk is very common to happen in every workspace. The employee only plans to leave the documents for a minute, to file them away later carefully. The only issue is that later turns into never, leaving them to have to deal with a huge mess on their desk. Having a messy work desk will affect employee productivity. They can’t focus on work on their messy desk, and there is also a big possibility that they will lose the important document they need later on.

To avoid this, make a strict regulation –where all employees should never leave their messy desks behind. Before office hours, they have to put away all the documents, shut off the laptop or computer, and stack all of their belongings in place. Tell them to put their papers in the filing system or determine whether the documents are not significant enough to save and shred them instead of leaving them on the desk.

Clean laptop or computer

A greasy computer screen or computer with the dirt of water strained is not easy to work with. Instead of focusing on the work in front of us, we tend to focus on other things that disturb our line of view. Not to mention if they are currently under the weather coughing non-stop, their saliva might be covering the laptop screen; this won’t be hygienic at all! It can be challenging to heal when we continuously spread germs to ourselves, worse to our colleagues.

Cleaning electronic devices will help improve everyone’s mood and keep all of your employees in better health. Maintaining this is very important because electronics or computers are the kind of electronics that employees will use daily. This short computer clean-up every few days will help maintain the office’s cleanliness.

Provide one designated space for everyone’s things

No matter how well you organize your workspace, how big you have the workspace for all employees, if everything doesn’t have a specific place, your office will always appear like there is a bomb going off inside, aka messy! Most employees tend to be messy when working because they have other goals or urgent things to do instead of focusing on cleaning.

To make it easier to avoid messing with each of their workspaces, give them one designated space, such as a locker box to store their things inside. This will be a very useful strategy!

Get rid of useless items

Despite how much you might not want to, it could be time to get rid of the business cards people offer you, the calendar your real estate agent gave you, and the old Christmas cards.

You can always donate items to a charity if you don’t want to toss away things you don’t need.

Maintain the cleanliness of the pantry

Inform your employee that they should eat at the pantry. Encourage people not to eat at their desks to avoid any aroma whiffing off the entire office. On top of that, eating at the pantry will minimize the possibility of food crumbs dirtying up their desk. If office snacking is prevalent, encourage employees to get up from their desks and stretch while they eat. Put notes or labels also in the pantry, informing everyone who finishes eating has to wash their dishes immediately.

Pay attention to the bathroom

Put labels on the bathroom, which inform that employees should always wash their hands thoroughly after using the restroom. And also, do not flush anything in the toilet. Doing so increases the likelihood of clogged drain pipes.

Now you have the greatest advice on how to keep your workplace clean. Having this regulation in place will help you to maintain office cleanliness. It may seem like a small thing to do, but the impact will be great!

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