Email and SMS Marketing for eCommerce Stores

Email marketing is the tried and tested way to connect with customers. It is how marketers interact with subscribers by using newsletters, coupon codes, discount offers, and many other marketing emails. Over the years, SMS has emerged as a powerful marketing tool for e-commerce businesses. Here are ways to boost email and SMS marketing for e-commerce stores.

Grow your Email and SMS Lists

Add more SMS opt-ins on your website. You can add them to your product pages, home pages, PPC pages, and wherever it makes sense. The more subscribers your list has, the better your chances of reaching them through different channels.

Introduce SMS and Email Options

Subscribers should be able to use the sign-up option for both lists. You can easily use your email and SMS marketing list when signing up. You can even entice the sign-up option by using an attractive welcome offer. People need an incentive to give your brand the email address, so the offer needs to be something they find valuable. You can check out the spin-to-wheel example that sells certain equipment if you are looking for ways to build your reputation, check out these best online reputation management tools.

When you get an interactive pop-up, you get to win a discount. As a marketer, ensure you see the different kinds of coupons, discounts, and free items your customers can find enticing.

Use Promos and Coupons.

When you use discount offers, promos, and coupons, you learn how consumers have different options to consider. You also figure out how to personalize the customer data and evaluate shopping behavior and marketing preferences to create personalized offers. You can use personalized offers to make the most of the purchase decision. If you are handling promos and coupons, you can also check out my google reviews for feedback.

Use Discount Offers and Coupon Codes

When you get 10 percent off on a sign-up, you realize how popular brands build their online presence and subscriber lists. The welcome email discounts generate more revenue than other discount offers. You can increase brand loyalty and establish brand preferences by offering larger discounts, such as 20 to 30 percent off on a purchase. When establishing a brand, you must check out how to buy google reviews.

Offer Free Shipping

You could easily lose business if you don’t offer free shipping over other discount offers. People prefer free shipping over kinds of discount offers as it is one of the best promotional deals to lure customers. You can also add google widgets for websites that help with customization and functionality.

Gather Customer Data to Find The Best Time

When you gather customer data, find the best time to send emails and marketing texts. It is crucial for driving more sales and sign-up options. Check out the customer data to determine how subscribers respond to the emails. Send an SMS at the start and during the lunch break to find the optimum time. It is not wise to send emails at night or in the evening.

Get Customer Win-Back Emails

Trigger automated messages to customers who haven’t sent emails for a while. The win-back strategy is best applicable when items are meant to be replenished. Repeat customers are more likely to convert than first-time buyers. Don’t forget to re-engage dormant customers. When you get emails from your customers, it is best to have conversations with them instead of just talking to them. People usually have two-way conversations through email than no-reply messages.

Whether you engage with SMS, live chat, or guide interactively, you can lead your customers to purchase the products. When you interact with customers over SMS, you elevate your digital customer experience. Some brands have useful websites that have widgets available on the website. If you find it difficult, you can add business widgets for websites that allow you to open your website and paste the code.

Brands connect with consumers more personally to reach a targeted audience. When you have online retailers of all sizes, you can have two-way conversations between you and the customers.


As with email marketing, SMS marketing also has prices that vary from vendor to vendor, the number of messages to send, and the individual plan. SMS marketing is cost-effective over time. The tracking reveals how many text messages were sent, who received them, and who opened the links. Marketers will also determine the failed messages. It would be best if you had a good marketing strategy to get the highest return. Here are some content strategies you must consider:

  • Use SMS marketing to enhance other channels
  • Encourage customers to engage with the brand deeply
  • Send in-store recommendations
  • Use loyalty lists

You can get personalization messages, thank you notes, and special offers that must be standard with any marketing strategy. They provide prolonged engagement and foster lifelong relationships.

As mentioned, email and text messages are not exclusive. They should always enhance each other. For instance, you can always send text reminders to open emails. Send email and SMS for automation workflows such as first-time purchase and cart abandonment.

Customers use five seconds or less to scan a text message on their cell phones. It is the perfect medium to reach busy people. Marketers must ensure that the message is timely, relevant, and interesting. Text messages automatically receive urgency and priority over other messages. That is why SMS marketing is preferred over email marketing.

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