7 Reasons to Become a Pharmacist

Pharmacists are a crucial part of society. Unlike GPs, you don’t need an appointment to seek advice from a pharmacist. A pharmacist can assist you if you have a slight cold or painful toothache. On top of that, they are also trained in administering the correct prescription medications.

Have you ever thought about becoming one? While it requires years of training, it is a lucrative career that allows you to help others. Here are seven great reasons to become a pharmacist.

1: The Competitive Salary

Did you know that pharmacists earn, on average, £46k annually? Compared to the average, that is quite a lucrative salary. It makes sense – pharmacists are specially trained and provide an essential service to society. So, if you’re interested in healthcare work and want to earn a good wage, becoming a pharmacist might be for you.

2: The Chance to Travel

You might not see pharmacist as a career that allows travel, but it does. If you like constantly moving from one place to the next, you can become a pharmacist locum. It means you can work with any pharmacist that requires your assistance. Simply look at what shifts are on offer and take on the ones you can manage for those that like flexibility; it’s a fantastic way to work in healthcare.

3: Job Stability

As previously mentioned, pharmacists are pivotal parts of society, which means they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even as technology develops, pharmacists must provide personalized advice and ensure all patients receive their appropriate prescriptions.

4: Work Around Lots of People

Do you like the excitement of working around a bunch of people? If so, pharmacy work might be for you. Not only do you get to work with other pharmacists and doctors, but you also work with public members. You will never have a dull day!

5: Flexibility

Pharmacy work offers flexibility, even if you choose not to become a pharmacist locum! Pharmacies are open at different times, so you likely won’t have to work the typical nine to five work day. With so many shifts on offer, you can arrange yours around your personal life.

6: Away from Intense Emergencies

Do you like working in healthcare but don’t want to be around extreme emergencies? Pharmacy work provides an excellent balance. While you still get to help those in need, working as a pharmacist keeps you away from the often scary emergencies that many doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals deal with.

7: You Get to Help Others

Best of all, working as a pharmacist means you can help others. Whether someone has a minor ailment or concerns about their health, your advice will help assure them and point them in the right direction.

Pharmacy work is far more than handing medications over the counter. It requires dedication, empathy, and great interpersonal skills. If you think you have what it takes, it could be the career you fall in love with.

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