Everything You Should Know About Clear Ceramic Braces

Braces are used to realign the teeth or jaws so people can get a beautiful smile. Ceramic braces give you more advantages than traditional aligners. Most of the clear ceramic braces are difficult to detect from a distance. Moreover, some people prefer ceramic braces to metal ones because they feel more comfortable in their appearance while wearing them. Therefore, it is the first option for most teenagers in Surrey. Surrey is a beautiful county in British Columbia. It is a wealthy place in the region. Being close to Vancouver, Surrey boasts affordable housing options, an incredible schooling system, and good healthcare.

Here is the information if you are looking for ceramic aligners in Surrey.

Hardly Visible

Brackets made of ceramic material can blend in with the tooth’s natural shade. You can choose from various off-white tones to find one that best complements your natural teeth. White archwires link the brackets and are just one of several color options. As a result, people will be less likely to notice that you’re wearing clear aligners.

Less Reactive To Allergens

Nickel is the most prevalent cause of allergy in case you use dental tools like metal braces. Nickel hypersensitivity sometimes arises due to the prolonged usage of metal aligners. Several metal alloys are used in orthodontics, with nickel being a standard component. As per statistics, roughly 8% of nickel can be present in stainless steel alloys which cause harm to the teeth. However, clear brackets are safer and free from allergic reactions to the teeth.

No Formation Of Plaques

Bacteria thrive in a sticky, white film called plaque that forms on your teeth and can be avoided with the help of using these brackets. In a study, researchers discovered that people wearing clear brackets were less likely to develop plaque. In Surrey, the total usage of clear ceramic braces among teens is higher because it is comfortable and almost unidentifiable.

Fraser river flows through Surrey and is located near the Canadian-US border. The climate is mild and cold here. Apart from the affordability of living, orthodontic treatments are widely available in Surrey. Four million Canadians benefit from various orthodontic treatments.

Suitable For MRIs

Removing metal aligners is necessary for any head or neck MRI scans. But you can keep your ceramic aligners on your teeth during the MRIs. This provision gives advantages over the other braces. Most of the braces are made of plastic or acrylic material which are also suitable for imaging tests.

Customizable Design and Stain Resistant

One of the critical features of ceramic aligners is their ability to blend into the aesthetic. These brackets give you an unmistakable smile, and the latest innovation is that the tooth-colored wires can conceal the braces further. Clear or white elastic cases secure the archwires to the brackets, making them easier to keep clean. The nature of the ceramic surface does not allow the stain to pile up on the aligners.


Consider choosing ceramic braces if you’re concerned about how noticeable your orthodontic treatment will be. It’s the best option because it causes less stress on your teeth than conventional methods. However, before deciding, discuss your options with your local trusted dentist or orthodontist that may work better for your teeth.



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