The Best Crypto Earn Interest Option

As the market of digital assets is evolving, many people strive to join this profitable field and learn to earn crypto. Crypto exchanges offer a variety of tools for it:

  • spot market;
  • futures derivatives;
  • margin trading;
  • cryptocurrency staking;
  • etc.

Looking for the easiest ways to earn crypto, we can point out the “buy and hold” trading strategy and crypto staking. Let’s talk about the last one.

Where Can You Invest and Receive Interest in Crypto?

The main thing in cryptocurrency staking is picking an asset and a platform. Choose those coins that have the most considerable liquidity. These are the market leaders – ETH, BTC, etc. Their volatility is minimal, so you take the minimum risk when putting those coins in staking.

Picking a crypto platform, pay attention to its reputation and staking rates. Some little-known exchanges offer incredibly attractive rates, while their safety is doubtful. So there should be a balance – robust security for your funds and high rates. One such exchange providing a high level of safety and profitable staking programs is WhiteBIT.

How to Earn Crypto on WhiteBIT?

The platform offers a variety of advanced trading tools, including crypto staking. You may pick among 40 staking plans that vary by underlying assets and periods when your coins will be locked. That may be a 10-day or 360 days locking period. Since the market is unstable, asset prices may change during the staking period. If the underlying asset loses most of its value, it may happen so that your losses will exceed rewards. So we recommend picking the smallest staking period for a start and then gradually increasing it depending on the market situation and trend.

To learn more about cryptocurrency staking, welcome to the WhiteBIT blog. It offers crypto guides and the answer to the FAQ.

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