4 Types of Pants Every Fashionable Man Should Own

Many people wear pants every day. But do you know that not many people put much thought into the type of pants they wear? As a fashionable man, you should put more consideration into choosing your pants.

So, variety is essential. Want to learn to be a fashionable man? Read on to find out the several types of pants that every fashionable man should own.

Let’s begin.

Men's Fashion Pants

1.   Cargo pants

Cargos are usually made in loose patterns, straight or slim cut. These pants speak luxury and are available in a wide range. They are designed for every occasion and everyday life.

Streetwear cargos are available in several styles and colors, ranging from ash, gray, blue, olive, and black. One of the top cargo pants for men is the 247 pants. It is crafted with a technical 4-way stretch fabric.

It has an added functionality as a technical pant, featuring 4-zip pockets and two velcros. These pants are best worn as a casual look. Combining these pants with sneakers completes the look.

2.   Chinos

Like cargo pants, chinos gathered popularity from military origin. Many people think chinos only look good in tan. But they are available in many colors. Chinos are also known for their flat fronts and hidden cross-stitching.

You can pair chinos with sweaters and a variety of tops. Since chinos are casual, pairing them with boat shoes or sneakers is best. For a distinctive look, try a plaid button-up or denim shirt.

3.   Wool pants

Many people think wools are exclusively for sweaters or even socks. But, many male fashion enthusiasts are fans of wool pants. You might wonder why? Wool pants are quite hard to know that they are crafted.

They also offer many benefits. Apart from being breathable, they help in keeping you insulated and warm. With their moisture-resistant nature, your body will remain dry. Though wool pants are expensive, they are easy to clean and can be worn repeatedly.

4.   Denim

This list will not be complete without writing about denim. Though denim is a category, we will mention the different types you can get. When choosing denim, the style matters. Denim can be slim fit. This means it fits your legs.

The popular skinny fit also hugs your skin from hips to ankles. Denim can also be a loose fit, avoiding contact with your thighs. And regular fits are made to start from your hips. Additionally, there is the more popular raw denim.

Denim purchased in retail stores has been pre-washed, making it softer before you buy them. Raw denim has not been pre-washed. So, advocates of this style say it helps preserve character and color.


The latest sneakers and statement jackets might be on men’s lists. But, it would be best not to let these high-end cobbers cover up the essentials. Having the right type of pants as a man is a powerful item to wear.

But, when you get it wrong, it can reduce the elegance of the trending pieces you wear. So, you can get it right by wearing the fashionable pants mentioned above.



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