Make Your Tattoo Studio Stand Out with These Improvements

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Tattoo studios are almost always independently owned businesses that rely on their own efforts to generate buzz and attention. If you run a tattoo business and want to attract more people, one angle you could approach is how to improve the shop itself. Here are some tips for making your tattoo studio the best it can be so it stands out from the competition.

Make Your Shop Front Appealing

How your tattoo shop looks on the outside will influence how many people consider coming inside. While a strong social media presence and sleek website will attract people who are looking for your business, this doesn’t mean you are making the most of the potential for drop-ins from the street. Even if you don’t accept drop-ins, your shop exterior sets the expectations for its interior, so give it some love with fresh paint and unique design choices.

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Greet Customers Without Judgement

Your manner when interacting with potential clients will have an impact on the number of appointments you book. Some people may be visiting your shop to get a feel for the place before making a final decision, and your attitude towards them could be a contributing factor. Don’t be judgemental of people who come in with no tattoo experience, as you never know who will be your next client. Remember that anyone can leave an online review, so withhold your prejudices and show kindness to everyone.

Stock Up on the Best Equipment

Your tattoo shop can be as well-decorated as all the others, but if you don’t have good equipment, clients will soon start to notice. Keep your eye on the latest developments in tattoo equipment so that you can make decisions that will improve your art and reduce pain for your clients. Your tattoo supplies need to be effective and reliable for you to trust that they will produce the desired marks. Your preferred tools may be different from what another artist likes to use. However, you can still look to reviews and other artists’ opinions when searching for new equipment.

Make Service a Priority

Even if you run your own independent tattoo studio, bear in mind the value of customer service. Clients who have a positive experience with you are more likely to return for their next tattoos.

Find Ways to Increase Client Comfort

Provide adequate seating for clients waiting to be seen and make the experience enjoyable by offering drinks and magazines. Client comfort should be a priority as soon as they walk in. Invest in beds that are adjustable and cushioned so that your clients can sit for the lengths of time necessary to complete their tattoos. Even small touches such as plush pillows or fidget toys to distract nervous clients can make all the difference.

How your tattoo studio looks and feels when a client walks in will have a sway over the number of appointments you secure. It isn’t enough to rely solely upon your tattooing abilities; the environment in which the tattoos are given is just as important.

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