6 Tips for Minimizing Your Risk When Smoking, Vaping and Dabbing

When Smoking, Vaping and Dabbing

What do people use to smoke and vape

As the number of people who have entered the smoking community has increased gradually, companies that produce and manufacture different types of smoking devices for people have started to increase their budgets on research and development ( R&D) to design and develop new devices for their target markets. 

Over the years, people have used numerous methods to smoke different types of herbs – one of them being the traditional and widely used cigarettes wrapped in paper. 

However, as people started to seek more from companies that provided means to smoking, companies came up with other types, such as pipes, usually made of high-quality wood. The difference between using a pipe is that people are supposed to fill the bowl piece with the herb themselves and, afterward, light the herbs and dab through the mouthpiece to get the flavor of the smoke. 

Through the years, companies started introducing different devices, methods, and materials to create a smoking device; thus, hookas, vaporizers, Diamond glass pipes (bongs),  and electronic cigarettes came. Even though many people still consider smoking bad for their health – especially their lungs and heart, it is important to understand that with these innovative devices, companies were able to minimize the negative side effects that people will get when smoking different types of herbs. 

So, there are many ways that people can smoke and enjoy a hit; however, it is important to understand which type meets your preferences to be able to enjoy the benefits as much as possible. 


Why minimizing the health risks during smoking is important

As it is a commonly known fact, smoking is considered to be bad for people’s health. However, one thing that people should understand is that smoking herbs and cannabis in normal amounts can positively impact people’s physical and mental health. 

In other words, when smoking weed or cannabis, people realize that they have become less anxious as their stress levels have fallen; this benefit has helped some people to stop overthinking, stressing, becoming anxious, and getting out of depressive episodes. Thus, smoking cannabis improves mental health but ensure not to overuse it. 

Nevertheless, even though numerous benefits come with smoking these types of herbs, it is important to be cautious and minimize the health risks associated with smoking them as they are easy to get addicted to, eventually leading to overdosing. 

So, do not get caught up only with the positives of smoking the herbs and understand the negatives associated with it and how they can impact a smoker’s quality of life

6 Tips for Minimizing Your Risks When Smoking

Aside from taking health precautions during smoking, it is important to also consider the following:

1- Understand which type is legal in your country

Numerous countries have not made different types of herbal substances legal for people. Even though doctors can prescribe some types to relieve people from their pain, people will not have access to them. 

So, since people are not free to purchase the types of herbs they wish to smoke freely, some might think of illegally purchasing them via black markets. Hence, try to avoid using illegal herbs in your country to minimize some of the risks associated with smoking. 

2- Use the right types of products and high quality herbs

Getting access to different types of herbs can be difficult; however, some people might use herbs of low quality to satisfy their needs, which can cause serious damage to their health.

Thus, ensure to use the right types of herbs to avoid facing the negative side effects quickly. 

3- Ensure to constantly clean the tools

Not constantly cleaning your smoking tools can increase the amount of toxins that a smoker will inhale. In other words, the smoke that passes through the tube of a smoking device causes the build-up of residue, which can easily turn into toxins if not cleaned properly. 

Thus, be sure to clean your smoking tools as constantly as possible to avoid burning the residue and inhaling the toxins. 

4- Smoke using the right dose

It is important to use the right dose of herbs to minimize the risks of smoking. So, by using the right dosage, you will have minimized the risk of overdosing and causing damage to your health. 

5- Educate yourself on how to accurately use the tools

Suppose you are a new member of the smoking community. In that case, it is important to research and spend some time educating yourself on how to accurately use tools and smoking devices to get the most out of your smoking experience. 

6- Avoid mixing different types of herbs

Finally, it is crucial not to mix different types of herbs in one hit. This is because some herbs – when combined – can become toxic and lead to bad outcomes.

Thus, avoid mixing different types of herbs to avoid its risks. 


To summarize, smoking herbs such as weed and cannabis can be achieved using glass pipes, vaporizers, and other devices, and even though smoking these types of herbs can have positive benefits on people’s health, it is essential to understand and minimize the risks associated with them. 

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