How to Use a Shaper Dress to Enhance Your Fashion Sense In the Cold Season?

How to Use a Shaper Dress to Enhance Your Fashion Sense In the Cold Season?

The cold is already a factor that leads us to always think about the best clothes, so with that today I come to answer a question that is widely discussed, which is how to wear a dress to enhance your style, but at the same time allow you to that it doesn’t get cold during this season.

To do this, we will use some dresses from the Popilush, which has several types and also that are perfect for the most different times of the year and that at the same time allow its customers an experience that has comfort, quality and practicality in everyday life.

The most charming of the moment

Shaper Dress

Our first shaper dress is a piece that will add charm to your look and at the same time protect you from the cold, as it is a dress that has a double layer of fabric that helps in this regard and will also help with body shaping.

This fabric in which it is made, you can see that it molds to the body and therefore helps to define the hips, waist and abdomen. Furthermore, it has a slit in the back so that when you use it, it can move more.

With this movement, you will feel free to use it and you will also have the option of choosing the color that best suits you and the looks you intend to wear. We have six colors available and seven sizes that will leave you looking beautiful and with a piece that goes with everything.

Furthermore, you can think about the combinations you want to make, because for example in this colder season, putting on a leather jacket or even a scarf will make a very easy change of look, but which combines with boots, sneakers or even some closed shoe. You can also choose to wear pantyhose to feel even warmer and more pleasant.

The brightest and warmest for winter


We also have another style of fabric for colder seasons, this long-sleeved dress, which is a tummy control dress. It allows you to experience your days in an even more special way and with a well-defined charm.

As it is made from a fabric that molds to the body, it helps define the hips, waist, abdomen and arms (due to its long sleeves). In addition, it is a very shiny fabric and can give an even more special look for those parties where we are in doubt of what to wear during the cold weather.

We have this piece in four colors: black, white, blue and wine, which are the most eye-catching for the types of parties, both at the end of the year and also for events where we need to be more elegant. Another very favorable point is their sizes that fit the most different types of bodies you can find.

For this piece, I recommend just adding an accessory like a scarf or a scarf so that you’ll feel like you’re wearing perfect looks for the cold and that still make you look beautiful during this time of year.

The most varied for winter

Just like these two models, Popilush also has this other one, which is a long shapewear dress that will leave you with a basic dress for all times of the year and which also helps to keep you warm during cold seasons.


As it is a piece that has straps, it has a different feel for composing looks in the cold, as it can be worn with a jacket, scarf or even a long-sleeved thermal shirt underneath.

However, as it is a piece that also has a double layer of fabric, it will allow you to make these combinations and at the same time it will help to shape your body so that nothing is visible.

In other words, you have a piece that goes with everything and that at the same time will leave your body in another instance, enhancing all that is best about you while wearing this piece.

It is available in nine colors that are the best for all times and in various sizes to suit the most different body types. So they are perfect for enhancing your look and also creating the most different looks.

Take advantage of all the looks we propose here for winter and use these pieces for every day.

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