Compelling Benefits of Groundplan’s Takeoff Software

Life in construction is fast and fast-paced, but it is never off-pace and accurate. You need to plan your project carefully, calculate the materials precisely, and execute flawlessly. Unfortunately, most of the time, these operations are impeded by manual takeoffs and calculations. Such procedures are time-consuming and susceptible to error. Making a Ground Plan helps you become great; it allows you to incorporate technology in your everyday work and be more accurate and efficient. In this blog, you will learn about how you can Discover the Benefits of Takeoff Software: Groundplan, so read carefully.

1.      Unparalleled Accuracy in Material Estimation

Material estimation is at the heart of a construction project’s efficiency and success. The smallest error might lead to overspending, delays, and reworking. Our innovative, digital takeoff software Macros and measuring tools help you accurately measure the distances to be covered, quantify the units of measurement for each specific part, and calculate the square footage to the last dot. Be sure to cover every detail and make the most out of every resource accessible to your project.

2.      Minimising Waste, Maximising Efficiency

Building-site is known for material waste, and this causes a negative effect on the environment and results in a revenue loss. Earth source allows you to digitise and build all necessary materials needed for your project to avoid any material wastage. It reduces the cost of wasted materials, increases sustainability, and helps maintain a highly efficient building schedule. By choosing Earth Plan’s take-off services in the market, you are guaranteed to be the front-runner in the construction industry due to cost-efficiency and environmental-friendly.

3.      Seamless Collaboration and Accessibility

And mobility and remote collaboration are essential in the current face-paced construction space. Hence Groundplan recognizes this, and a cloud-built platform helps you access your projects, plans, and estimates on any device and from any place. When the changes are being done live, your team can even be on-site or away to effortlessly link up to summon a powerful project crew of independent contractors.

4.      Hassle-Free Updates and Unwavering Support

Forget about long and troublesome installations or updates that never seem to end! As a cloud-based product, Ground Plan does not have to be installed for long or receive endless updates. So, all of the newest capabilities and ongoing improvement will be available to you. In addition, the support is top-notch and includes Development support for free one-on-one training and across-the-board live chat support 24/7 so you can begin earning money from the first day. The support staff contains well-trained construction professionals who have provided you with their broad experience and knowledge of how to deal with unexpected difficulties.

5.      Trusted by Professionals, Proven Results

Proven to be trusted by more than 2000 businesses in 10 countries, GroundPlan is a takeoff solution that works. Construction professionals from various trades have leveraged the power of this proven takeoff software in their workflows to make their work more efficient, improve the quality of their services, and compete favourably in their different industries. The broad use of this software is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to provide ready solutions for businesses to make it in the ever-dynamic world of construction.


The construction industry is always changing and keeping up with your competitors is not an option. Ground Plan is a revolutionary tool that optimises your daily processes, improves interaction and allows you to spend more time on creative tasks. Get precise and easy establishing, error-free material quantity, keeping in touch, automatic updates, and constant assistance – all these will prove you, in your work way, may be better.

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