4 Essential Pieces of Advice for Women in Their 30s

Reaching your thirties is a huge milestone—you’ve survived the confusing and foundational years of your twenties, and it’s time to thrive. However, there’s also a lot of pressure and changes that can come with your thirties.


It’s a stage of life when you’ve probably figured out who you are and what you want from life (it’s okay if you haven’t yet!), and you can start letting go of other people’s expectations. It’s also a time when you can focus on yourself and what you need. Here are a few key pieces of advice to help you make the most of this decade.

Focus on Beauty and Self-Care

Many women in their thirties struggle with feeling like they’re “past their prime,” which is simply not true! After 30, we simply need to be a little more mindful about our self-care practices.

If you haven’t already, implementing a healthy and consistent skincare routine is essential. Sunscreen is non-negotiable, and using anti-ageing ingredients like Vitamin C and retinol can be really helpful. Additionally, no matter what anyone says, a face lift has many benefits and can be a great option for women looking for more immediate and drastic results for their skin. Feeling confident in yourself is essential.

Prioritize Your Health

Beauty and aesthetics are one thing, but actually taking care of your physical health is another entirely! If you want to look your best, you also need to feel your best, and that can only come through a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a great sleep schedule.

Weight management and exercise might start to feel tougher in your thirties, but consistency in this department will help ensure you feel fit and fresh long into your later years, too. Every workout and healthy meal is worth the effort. On the flip side, don’t forget to incorporate balance and enjoy your life too – sometimes we need to eat the cake.

Cultivate Financial Independence

Building a solid financial foundation in your thirties is crucial. If you haven’t managed to save any money in your twenties, now is the time to start.

Learning about budgeting, investing, and retirement planning is essential for your financial health, and you should start working on an emergency savings fund that could support you for three to six months in the case of a sudden job loss or other financial setback. Spend some time engaging with books and podcasts that will help you expand your financial literacy.

Keep Growing and Learning

In your thirties, it’s more than likely that you’ve finished the formal education phase of your life and are now settling into a career. However, this doesn’t mean that you should stop learning!

Lifelong learning will keep you feeling fulfilled in life, no matter what else you have going on, and will prevent you from stagnating in your career and personal pursuits. Whether you want to grow in your career, learn more about a topic that interests you, or improve in other personal areas, investing in courses, workshops, and books will keep you moving forward.



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