Everything You Need For A Successful Business

If you have recently thought about opening your own business then you may be in the process of putting together a business plan. An outstanding business plan will ensure you have everything written down and in one place. It will tell you what your business is and where you see it in five years time. You will also need to know how you are going to get it to survive for those five years and beyond.


You may already know that as many as 90% of new businesses fail to make it to their fifth birthday. This is usually down to running out of money or not really knowing how to deal with a business. If you want some advice and tips on how to run a successful business then take a look at the article below.


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A Brilliant Idea


When you look around different businesses what do you see? Amazing companies that all started with an idea down on paper, all businesses have the same starting point. You may already know the type of business you want to open, however, it never hurts to have more ideas than you need. The one you don’t think much of could turn into an award winning idea. Remember, someone once thought of a pet rock in the 70s so how bad can your idea really be?


Always carry a notebook around with you, that way you can write down anything and everything you think of. You should also go through the pros and cons of these ideas when you think you have exhausted your list.


One thing you should do to ensure this business idea will stand the test of time is carry out some market research. Market research will tell you if potential customers and clients like your business idea and if they will purchase from you in the future. Carry out polls to find out what they would like to see, how much they will pay, and how often they will buy from you. You should also research other businesses with similar ideas, aka your competition. It is worth looking into how much they make annually and their main demographic.


Enough Money


When you start a business it is essential you ensure you have enough money to get it off the ground. If you don’t have this to hand straight away then you will need to successfully apply for a business loan. We say successfully because if you have a bad credit history then you may not be approved for a loan. The bank needs to know that you are reliable and can make the repayments each month. If you do have bad credit, sort this out and repay any debts you have before you open up your new business. The last thing you want to experience is that you don’t make enough money each month to repay your debt. This could lead to you losing your business.


Great Employees


Another thing that can help your business become successful is a wonderful team of employees. Hiring the right people means your business will go from strength to strength as they will always have your businesses best interests to heart. You need to make sure that your team works well together and that there will be no office politics. This can lead to a high employee churn rate as individuals may leave if they don’t get on with others.


When it comes to hiring employees you need to check out every resume that appears on your desk, you never know the underdog could be the best employee you have ever had. Check out previous experience and any qualifications they have. It’s also a good idea to ring or email references to check they are good at what they do.


Location, Location


Where are you going to work from? This is something you need to decide before you open your doors. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to work from home and have their stock stored in a warehouse or lockup. Running a business from the comfort of your own home has many benefits, including saving money and the planet. When you aren’t traveling to the office every day your carbon footprint will be much lower.

However, if you are unable to run your company from home then you need to work out where you want to be located. It could benefit you and your business if you are situated in the main hustle and bustle of shoppers. This way you will get noticed and people could simply pop in to look around and buy stuff. It is all about figuring out what you need and what works for your business in the long run. Consider the cost of rent when you are shopping around different locations.


What does every great business have today? A great website is the answer. Without this you won’t get very far with your customers and clients. Your website needs to be fast and smooth, you don’t want a slow running website when you are trying to gain a good reputation in the business world. Customers and clients should ideally only ever be three clicks away from the page or product they are looking for. If it takes longer than this, or they have to spend ages scrolling then they will get bored and take their business elsewhere.

If you don’t want to set this up yourself then it might be worth speaking to a website design company who will do all the leg work for you. Fit this into your budget when you are working out the money situation.


How are you going to get your business out there and known about when you open your doors? This is where marketing comes into it, the idea is to sell yourself to potential customers and clients. There are many marketing techniques, you need to find the one that best suits your business. For instance, you don’t want to use leaflet marketing if you are mainly based online. Social media is your best friend when it comes to your company, you can list your business on many online platforms. Think of the following that social media pages have, you could have your main consumer base on here.


Something else you need to think about is kitting out your office with the latest tech. Have you ever rung a company and been told their systems are on the go slow. This is typically due to using old and outdated technology to manage their systems. If you have a lot of users on one network then you need both technology and the internet you use to be strong enough to handle this. You don’t want to keep your employees and customers waiting around for pages and product searches to load. This will lose you money in the long run as employees won’t be able to deal with as many customers or clients as you’d like.

You don’t have to buy the latest technology for your office, especially if this is out of your budget. There is another option to ensure you have newer technology without splurging in stores, how about you rent? Renting tech for your office is becoming increasingly popular as it not only saves you money but doesn’t tie you down to the same tech for many years. You can also get better tech than if you were buying it, take a look at rent macbook for instance to find out how much it will cost.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some ideas on how to ensure your business stands the test of time. Remember, you need to take it slow and steady if you want to survive in the world of business.



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