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Sleeping bags for kids 1

Sleeping bags for kids

Whenever we go to the camper and my daughter needs to take a nap (well she always needs a nap – we just don’t always get a chance for her to have one) –...

Some Wall Decor 0

Some Wall Decor

In case you haven’t noticed – I love frames.  Large ones, small ones, odd ones, broken ones.  I will find a place or purpose for any and all.  This next wall piece contains quite a...

Candy Filled Surprise 0

Candy Filled Surprise

One of the things I finally decided to do with the million Frappuccino bottles.  This was part of my husband’s Fathers’ Day gift. 

Coffee Cozy for Dad 0

Coffee Cozy for Dad

This is another item the kids and I gave to Dad for Fathers’ Day.  Of course – it is again orange and black.  There are tons of patterns out there for coffee cozy’s but...

Portable Puzzle 3

Portable Puzzle

This was a project that a recreated from a post on Skip To My Lou.  There are two rings on the strings – one on each.  The goal is to get two rings on...

Magic Eight Ball 0

Magic Eight Ball

This is a project that I have done several times from  It is a make your own Magic Eight ball.  Remember them from when you were a kid?  You shake the ball while...

Lollipop Centerpiece 2

Lollipop Centerpiece

The day we made this it was raining and I needed to come up with nonstop activities for my kids.  Totally my fault – now that I have this site they truly think I...

Chest for Fathers Day 0

Chest for Fathers Day

Well since my husband doesn’t read my blog I think it is safe to put this out here – so please don’t clue him in.  I found this nice (structurally) large wooden chest at...

Baby Cacoon 1

Baby Cacoon

While searching Etsy for some crochet projects I found that some people sold “baby cacoons”.  They are mostly used for photography but all the versions I saw were knitted.  Regardless – I immediately thought...

Another use for fabric covered buttons 0

Another use for fabric covered buttons

Although my daughter has tons of hair “ornaments” she loves these.  We tend to end up with hair elastics since her hair is so thick.  Here are four completed small fabric buttons. This set...