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Social Media Marketing Software- Features and Top choices available

As a marketing platform, there’s a huge potential in social media and becoming a social media influencer. However, it’s only a heavy-hitter for your business if you use the right tools. The internet is flooded with loads of social media management tools. All of them differ in cost, functions, and availability. Below I have listed.. [Read More]

Brand Building: 5 Ways to Gain Attention in the Community

Building your brand isn’t just a professional goal; it is often necessary for your business’s survival and economic well-being. With a bit of planning and investing your time, here are five ways to build your brand and gain attention in the community. Take advantage of peer groups Trying to grow your business all on your.. [Read More]

Quick Tips for Increasing Organic Traffic on your Website

Organic traffic on your website is a god send, it is free traffic that can potentially turn into leads and sales for your product or service just by simply finding you on Google or another similar search engine. Any business who ranks highly on Google will find that their organic and referral traffic hugely increases.. [Read More]

6 Ways To Increase Youtube Views

If the goal of your video is to rack up YouTube views, you have some tough competition. As we often tell our video clients, nonprofits are ultimately competing against cat videos for their audience’s attention. This means that nonprofit videos need to be entertaining – not just informative. If you can hook your audience with.. [Read More]

What is SMS Marketing? How Can It Help You Succeed?

What is SMS Marketing? In short, it is permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages.  You may be more familiar with it as a consumer.  Have you downloaded a fast food app?  Many of them will send you promotional text messages as soon as you are near one of their restaurants.  Or apps such as.. [Read More]

Product Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing is ever changing.  When I was first married and decided to make some money “on the side”, my marketing strategy included notecards, business cards, pamphlets, mailings, tear sheets and more.  Then in college I learned about so many “cutting edge” marketing strategies that are completely main stream nowadays. What used to be reserved for.. [Read More]

Why Small Business in California needs a Digital Marketing Uplift?

The necessity of the digital marketing for small business has become a big question for most of the small business owners as they constantly have to fight with their contenders, due to the availability of limited marketing budget, and the presence of other national as well as international brands, who are running the same business… [Read More]

Proven Ideas to Promote Contests through Social media

The popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you already using these platforms to promote your business. Which type of promotion you are doing to get more fans for your business? To get super proven ideas to promote your contests through social media and avoid issues with velseoity, read this post… [Read More]